If Money Were No Object: Fantasy Trips


Last week I came up with an idea for a trip for Brett and I, when the girls are all off at college or on their own. I was so excited about my idea that I immediately started looking into seeing if we could pull it off.

The almost immediate answer? No way. Time wise it was very doable, but the cost would be astronomical, nothing we could afford unless a five-pound box of money suddenly dropped in our laps.

The swift disappointment got me thinking though of other trips I would love to make if money were no object. Lots of places I came up with initially seemed to be out of the question or anchored in the realm of pure fantasy, but then I realized that we could make those trips if we saved and planned carefully. They didn’t have to be fantasy. Still, after a lot of thought I came up with three trips that I would love to make, but doubt I or we will ever be able to afford.

In no particular order:udaipur_header_image_1450171457

  • A grand tour of India. I have been fascinated with India for more years than I can remember, and have dreamed of being able to travel around the country, from north to south, east to west, to see and experience as much as I can. I want to see the Gate of India in Mumbai, ghats along the Ganges, the Taj Majal, tea plantations, temples, the soaring peaks of the Himalayas. Brett does not share my enthusiasm for this journey, so this is something I would have to do on my own, although WenYu said she would like to go along if I ever go. If I were a younger person, I would probably feel confident to plan a journey on my own, but these days, for this kind of trip, I want a guide, nice hotels and comfortable transportation. It might not be as “authentic” a journey as a younger me might have undertaken, but I’m not young any more, nor do I imagine the experience would be as easy-going as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel or Eat, Pray, Love made it seem if I tried to do it on my own. I’ve researched lots of tours, compared prices, etc. and this is the one I would make if I ever get the chance (at the first class or deluxe level – I’m not an ‘opulent’ type of gal): 22 Day All India Tour, with Easy Tours of India.luxury-tented-safari-in-botswana-activities
  • A photo safari in Botswana. I’ve read all of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith, and as was probably his intention, I fell in love with Botswana. I have dreamed of visiting there ever since I read the first book. This is another trip Brett has no interest in making, so at least the cost would just be for one. But what a cost! This package would be my dream vacation, but as you can see, it starts at over $6500 and goes up from there, and then there’s airfare to and from Botswana as well as other expenses. But, if money were no object it would be a dream trip for me.National Park-to-Park Highway Map
  • The Western National Park Loop. This is the trip I began researching the other day. Time-wise it would take Brett and I about two months to complete, which is doable, but . . . when I added up the cost of a long-term car rental, lodging for two months, our meals, etc. I quickly discovered the cost would be exorbitant. I also looked at the possibility of renting a RV for the two months, but Brett is not interested in a two-month camping trip, or driving an RV all over the west, and the price would still be very high. However, we did figure out that we could probably afford to split the trip into parts, visiting five or six parks in several one-month trips. It still would be a grand adventure to do the whole loop at once though.

I don’t keep a bucket list of trips I want to make because I’m always dreaming of places to go, places I’d love to see before I die. I’ve been more than fortunate to have been able to see and do all that I have so far in my life, but there is so much more out there to experience. If only money were no object . . . .

8 thoughts on “If Money Were No Object: Fantasy Trips

  1. Sometimes the best trips turn out to be nothing you really expected – a 7 day small boat cruise of the San Juan Islands with only 14 passengers became a fairy tale trip for us – lots of whales, fantastic food and congenial strangers. We couldn’t have had a more wonderful time!


    1. I agree! One time Brett and I overslept and missed the bus for a tour we’d signed up for in Japan. We called the tour office, they told us where we could meet up with tour so we bought train tickets and headed on our way. We had a lovely, scenic train ride to the tour area versus riding the crowded tour bus, and when we got to our destination, we were served dinner, taken to a traditional Japanese inn and given a large room to ourselves. At breakfast the next morning we discovered everyone else on the tour had slept dormitory style in a two rooms, men in one, women in another (we kept our mouths shut about our meal and accommodations). We enjoyed the rest of the tour with everyone, and took the bus back home. It was one of the best trips we’ve ever taken – just because we overslept!


    1. LOL – It’s all relative, isn’t it? You were just in England, which would be (and will be!) a dream trip for me.

      Both Hawaii and Japan are expensive destinations, but can be done affordably. If you ever decide you want to visit either, let me know! I’d love to show you around Kaua’i, or help you plan a visit to Japan.

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  2. If not for the cost, it would be New Zealand and Australia for 3 months. Enough time to see the countries (once in a lifetime) and be very glad to get back home.


    1. Three months is about as long as I like to be away from home too. I have family in Australia, but it’s never been a dream destination for me. New Zealand, however, is on Brett and my short list.


  3. I was very interested to see this post, as I had no idea what your list would be. I never, ever could have guessed those places. I have been following you since way before you even planned your move from Oregon and you tend to make things happen. I bet you could make all 3 happen if you break it down. And you don’t even have any pets at this time, nor jobs. Once the girls are all off to college you will be able to explore new options including house-exchanges, which cut down on travel costs significantly. And what about credit card airline miles? I have never heard of anyone doing the things your family does, including most recently and freshman year at Wellesley paid with scholarships and grants. You guys can do anything you set your minds to. Thanks for sharing all that you do.


    1. Thanks Jen! I firmly believe that once you set your mind to something, once you sincerely commit to making something happen, then it WILL happen. I’m lucky too in that Brett would let me go on my own to the first two destinations. I just have to figure out how to save enough to do it! We have lots of plans for other trips to make together, so those will come first.

      We are very interested in doing house swaps, but are not sure yet whether our landlord will go for it or not. But, we have a couple of years to go before we will need to present the idea to him. We’d really like someone to be in the house during the three months we’re in Japan each year.

      We already put many things on our credit card (and then pay it off) in order to save miles/rewards. Right now though we plan on using our FF miles to get the girls home and back to college.


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