Sunday Afternoon 5/8/2016 – Happy Mother’s Day!

il_340x270.444431053_iofcHappy Mother’s Day!

I’ve heard from both Meiling and my son this morning, and am going to call my own mom in a little while for a short chat. She has settled in nicely to her new residence, and I’m greatly looking forward to seeing her later this summer. Mom turned 92 last week!

Today is my annual “Day of Doing Nothing.” Brett and the girls take care of everything today, from meals to laundry to dishwashing to everything else that needs doing, while I get to read and relax. It’s my favorite present, and I look forward to it every year.

The school year is really winding down now – less than two weeks to go. WenYu has one more AP test tomorrow (Biology), and has to present her Senior Project on Wednesday and then she is DONE! This past week was very stressful for both girls: WenYu had AP tests on both Wednesday and Thursday (English Lit and Calculus B/C) plus her Studio Art portfolio due on Friday, and YaYu had her APUSH (American history) test on Friday. Test results won’t be out until July, but both are feeling better than they were a week ago (as are Brett and I), and they think they did OK. YaYu still has three more finals to get through, but feels confident about those. We are all looking forward to summer vacation, and a year of not having to deal with college applications and all that goes along with that.

Don’t forget that you can still enter the Monkeypod Jam giveaway all week! I will pick a winner next Saturday evening. And yes, the chocolate orange sauce is to die for, lilikoi curd is heaven in a jar, and the cranberry orange sauce is delicious! I am currently in love with the papaya-vanilla, white pineapple and pineapple ginger jams. They are all SO GOOD!

This afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I am more than halfway through Holy Cow now and finding it a great insight into life in India. Some of what I’ve read has made me question whether I really want to visit India or not after all, but in my opinion that’s what a good memoir should do: make you question your own assumptions.
  • Listening to: It’s cool and overcast here today, but the birds are out in force, and there are kids playing outside in the street. Everyone inside here is very quiet though – lots of reading and studying going on.
  • Watching: Brett and I didn’t watch much TV this past week. Brett started Over the Edge and is totally engrossed in it, preferring to read rather than watch TV. I’ll be watching Call the Midwife, Grantchester and Mr. Selfridge again tonight.
  • Cooking/baking: My presence will not be required in the kitchen at all today – yeah!! YaYu is going to make a triple chocolate bundt cake this afternoon, and dinner tonight will bacon and eggs (vegan sausage for me), fried potatoes, toast and fruit. I’m especially thrilled not to have to wash dishes all day!
  • Happy I accomplished this week: With YaYu’s help I got my new laptop up and running, and all files transferred over. Although the old laptop is still running, the difference in performance between the two is very noticeable (I gave the old one to YaYu – hopefully it will hang on for a while). We also got some linens ordered for WenYu’s dorm room this fall, although we will do most of her shopping when we’re back in Massachusetts in August (towels, pillows, etc).
  • Looking forward to next week: YaYu will be inducted into the National Honor Society this coming Thursday evening by her sister. And, I will celebrate my 64th birthday on Saturday – I’ll get spoiled again.
  • Thinking of good things that happened: It was a very quiet but relaxing week around here. Brett and I pretty much stayed close to home other than going to the farmers’ market on Wednesday, with not a lot happening otherwise. We put $6.48 into the change/$1 bill jar. The girls also cleaned out their room, a Herculean task if there ever was one.
  • Grateful for: I am beyond thankful for my maternal grandmother’s presence in my life when I was growing up. She and I were alike in ways: we were both introverts, both had low self-esteem. But, we understood each other and enjoyed each others’ company. She was a gentle woman who never had an unkind word to say about anyone (“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything” was her motto, and she lived it). Although she wasn’t demonstrative, I always felt my grandmother’s love, and she always told me I was her “diamond in the rough,” that I would grow up to shine and do great things in life. I’ve had some not-so-brilliant patches along the way, but her belief in me has always carried me through. I hope that overall she would be pleased with who I’ve become and what I’ve done and accomplished.

    They make it all worthwhile
    They make it all worthwhile
  • Bonus question: What are you best and worst Mother’s Day memories? Every few years my birthday and Mother’s Day fall on the same day. When I was a child, that day was always just Mother’s Day, and my birthday was ignored or was barely mentioned. So, I dreaded those years when the dates overlapped. The year I was pregnant with our son, I was still on active duty in the navy, and it happened to be one of those years where Mother’s Day and my birthday fell on the same day. Brett and I were not stationed together, but he had made plans to come spend the weekend with me. At the last minute though something work-related for him came up and he had to cancel our weekend. I was miserable, and I remember going to the Baskin-Robbins on base and drowning my sorrows in a HUGE bowl of ice cream. But, every Mother’s Day (and birthday) since has been great, even the ones where Brett was deployed. When my birthday and Mother’s Day fall on the same day, the family goes out of their way make sure my day is extra special, celebrating Mother’s Day in the morning, and my birthday in the evening.

That’s how my week went – how about yours? How has your Mother’s Day been? What good things happened for you this week?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 5/8/2016 – Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. As far as India goes-I once had a patient who was a pilot. After discussing his favorite places to travel, I asked about his least favorite. He said India was his least favorite because people will cut their child’s hand off and make them beg. I have never forgotten that. Kelsey went to India with Rotary once and it was not get favorite either.


    1. The author of Holy Cow covers this very well in the book. India is not always an easy country to like or appreciate, and can present both terrific cruelty as well as intense beauty and kindness. She seems to be overwhelmed by one or the other, sometimes at the same time. Again, it makes me question at times whether I want to go or not. I have heard from people on both sides – not their favorite place that they’ve visited, like Kelsey, but others have loved it and couldn’t get enough. Oh well, I can’t afford to go anyway, but I still think about it.


  2. Well thats why I couldn’t find you, you changed places 🙂 Now I have tons of reading to do. I am very glad things are going well for you.


  3. I actually read Holy Cow and know exactly what you mean, although that was written about 20 years ago. The fellow who wrote it lives on Salt Spring (I live on Vancouver Island). I do know people who go to India year after year and love it. You might want to check out the January/February posts each year of Vintage Vixen (she is a 1970s fashion blogger the rest of the time but goes to Goa every January). See


    1. Is Holy Cow really that old? The one I’m reading was published in 2004, so 12 years old (and I could sort of tell it wasn’t up-to-date from some of her references). Still, it’s an interesting read because she doesn’t do “tourist stuff.” Lots of spiritual exploration though, but that leads to some interesting experiences and insights as well. Oh well – if I ever get to go I’ll be doing the whole tourist thing. If I were younger though . . . . And, I do read Vintage Vixen – greatly enjoyed all her posts about India.


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