This Week’s Menu

Caprese skillet eggs

Well, at least over half last week’s planned meals got fixed! That counts for something, doesn’t it?

I didn’t know when I made up the menu last week that dinner would be served for us on Thursday night at the NHS meeting, nor that they would give us an immense container of rice that would need to be used up, nor that Friday evening was a potluck for the girls. So, I ended up with three meals leftover that will be tacked onto this week. We also didn’t make it to the farmers’ market on Wednesday because WenYu had a presentation that afternoon that ran way over. We went to the smaller Friday market down in Lihue to see what we could find, but they didn’t have much so we didn’t buy much.

On a positive note, we did save some money by not having to fix three meals ourselves; by scoring the leftover rice; and by missing the farmers’ market. And, we still did a fairly impressive job of cleaning out the fridge and freezer in preparation for this week’s shopping forays. Today Brett and I are doing our Costco “big shop” for the month, and tomorrow we’ll hit up the farmers’ market and replenish our fresh produce stocks.

It’s all good.

This week we’re having:

  • Tuesday (tonight): Slow cooker pork carnitas; tortillas, rice & beans; tomato & cucumber salad (tortilla with rice & beans for me).
  • Wednesday: Paella with tomatoes; chicken sausages; green salad
  • ThursdayCaprese skillet eggs; bread
  • Friday: YOYO – it’s graduation (yeah!) and we all have to be at the location early.
  • Saturday: Spaghetti with greens; garlic bread
  • Sunday: Slow cooker Japanese pork & ramen soup (peanut-sesame noodles for me) – recipe is from The Frugal Girl.
  • Monday: Yakisoba with tofu

I’m ready to try this whole menu thing again this week – we’ll see how it goes!