Back To the Beach

The view from Kealia Beach

Our Kealia Beach view on Monday

We live just three minutes away from the beach. That’s right – three minutes, not even three miles. You would think that living so close we would be at the beach all. the. time.

I wish. I LOVE going to the beach. Our family had a beach house in Southern California (San Clemente) when I was growing up and we spent our summers and many weekends there. I gave up on going to the beach while Brett was in the navy, and while we lived in Oregon (other than for walks), but I fell right back in love when we arrived on Kaua’i.

Some older surfers were shredding it on Monday

Some older surfers were shredding it on Monday

When Brett and I went down to the beach on Monday, it was the first time we had been since March 27! It was a perfect beach day though with blue skies and a lovely breeze. We set up our umbrella and chairs, covered ourselves with SPF 70 lotion, and settled in for a couple of hours. The surf was up, and some older guys were out in it, loads more fun to watch than the usual younger surfers we see. These guys were fearless, and their technical skills were nothing short of amazing.

Heavy clouds on the mauna (mountain side) of the highway, but the wind was from the east so they never came any closer

There were heavy clouds on the mauka (mountain) side of the highway on Monday, but the wind was from the east so they never came any closer

Driving ourselves to the beach is easy. Getting our schedules and the weather to cooperate and coordinate so we can actually go is not so easy though. Between the girls’ schedules, family appointments, and other errands that need to be run, there often isn’t a whole lot of time left to fit in a beach visit. I wish it were as easy as just running down and setting up a chair in the sand, but I need to be under an umbrella because of my fair skin, so hauling our stuff down, getting set up, and getting our skin protection on is time consuming, and frankly not worth it if we can’t stay for more than 90 minutes. We’re like most Hawai’i residents these days though – people who live here have a lot less time for the beach than people imagine. The majority of people you see at almost any beach here are tourists.

Plus, when our schedules give us enough time for the beach, it can still be overcast, too windy or too cool (yes it does get too cool here) for a beach visit. I can’t begin to tell you how many days we’ve said that we’re glad we live here and not paying for a vacation because a whole week or more can go by where you wouldn’t want to or can’t be down on the beach.

One of my favorite beach views

One of my favorite beach views

With summer vacation coming up, Brett and I are looking forward to heading down to Kealia more frequently. We’ll also have the time to visit some other beaches around the island that we enjoy but that require more of a drive (Anini, Lydgate, Salt Pond, Poipu). WenYu loves to go and soak up the sun and will go with her friends or join us some of the time, but YaYu is not a beach person (neither is Meiling) – she almost always prefers to stay home to read or watch TV on her own whenever the rest of us want some beach time.

4 thoughts on “Back To the Beach

  1. sherry says:

    I remember that too. When my family lived there it was a big production to get six people to the beach, but in the beginning we did it often. Then my Dad got a boat and we spent most of our spare time at the boat harbor. Still got lots of sun, but not the same as sitting on the beach. I was in my teens and I did go with friends sometimes though.


    • Laura says:

      Real life always come first. I thought we would go a lot more once we moved over here, but the girls have gotten busier and taken on more, so we’ve actually gone to the beach less! But, next year we’re down to one girl, and hopefully that will give Brett and I a bit more time to get to the beach.

      It’s hard enough getting both Brett and I organized, so I cannot imagine trying to get 6 people ready. When I was young we could walk to the beach from our house – my mom would just let us walk down and back on our own (although we could not be at the beach when she wasn’t there, but it was safe to walk then), but we had to bring our own towel, etc. No one used sunscreen or umbrellas then either – it was just a much simpler time. Brett and I look like a couple of tourists now when we go: umbrella, chairs, towels, and big bag for snacks, drinks, books, etc.


      • sherry says:

        Laura, that’s the way I remember it too…..beach mats and towels. We lived in Kailua and as the crow flies it was a mile to the beach. I walked it a few times. Going wasn’t so bad, but after a few hours in the sun, the walk back wasn’t much fun.


      • Laura says:

        The walk down to the beach these days would be OK, but it’s uphill all the way home, not fun when you’re lugging all your stuff and it’s hot. It was the same when I was young – downhill all the way, and uphill all the way home. But, it never seemed that bad when I was a child, and we did it every day. The hills would kill me now ;-).


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