This Week’s Menu: Too Many Leftovers!

Patty's Killer Noodle Salad
Patty’s Killer Noodle Salad

Leftover food never used to be a problem at our house. Leftovers were Meiling’s favorite breakfast, and Brett always took leftovers to work for his lunch if there were any, which was actually quite rare. That’s been changing though, especially the past few months. Even though WenYu and YaYu have healthy appetites, and took leftovers to school in their lunch two to three days a week, with my not eating meat or dairy anymore we have been ending up with a LOT of leftovers. Neither Brett nor I are eating as much as we used to, and Meiling isn’t here to help make sure everything gets finished. Brett and I usually eat leftovers every day for lunch, and the girls sometimes eat them for a snack, but we still seem to end up with a refrigerator full toward the end of the week. I had to cancel one evening’s planned meal last week because there were just too many things that needed to get finished up.

This week I’m adding a “Leftovers Night” to the menu. If it turns out we don’t need it, I can tuck in an extra meal. But, we’re starting this menu week with plenty of both leftover Japanese pork & ramen soup and yakisoba from last week, and I’m pretty sure more leftovers will be added as the week continues.

With just three of us here next year, I’m thinking I’m going to have to seriously change how I cook or we will be swamped. It will be a challenge, but I one I gladly accept!

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

  • Tuesday (tonight): Thai red curry chicken; steamed rice; sweet & sour cole slaw (tofu in curry sauce for me).
  • Wednesday: Patty’s Killer Noodle Salad with added chicken (chicken left out of my portion)
  • Thursday: Mabo tofu made with vegan ground “beef”; steamed rice; grilled vegetable kabobs
  • Friday: Grilled hot dogs (vegan for me); macaroni salad; sliced cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Vegetable lo mein; chicken potstickers
  • Monday: Homemade fish cake sandwiches; french fries; fruit

We’ll see how it goes! What’s on your menu this week?

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