We Bought A Chair

The pattern sort of has an op-art feel to it
The pattern sort of has an op-art feel to it

When we moved into our current house nearly eight months ago, the wicker armchairs that had been in our living room in our old house went out to the lanai so we could finally enjoy sitting outside. However, all that left us for the living room was our sofa. It’s comfortable, and seats three, but we felt like the space needed a new armchair. Finding a chair was easier said than done though.

Why did it take us so long to finally find a chair? Two things:

  1. Furniture stores and selection on Kaua’i are limited, and
  2. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

Plus, a great deal of what you can find here is “island casual,” meaning it’s rattan or bamboo, with tropical fabric. We like rattan, bamboo and tropical, but our furniture is mainly contemporary/modern and an island casual piece just wouldn’t fit. Prices are also a bit higher in furniture stores here as everything is imported. There’s a Pier 1 Import store on the island, but they didn’t have anything that fit our style either, and their prices were more than we wanted to spend (plus you have to pay an additional fee for furniture items to be shipped over from Honolulu). We also checked for accent chairs at Walmart and Ross, the other two stores on the island where we might find something, but they had nothing appropriate, and nothing we liked ever appeared on Craigslist either. Special ordering something was out of the question, as that would have had us paying up to several hundred dollars extra in shipping fees.

We were a bit afraid that blue & white wouldn't look good next to our cream-colored sofa, but it does!
I’m glad we decided to take a chance with an armless design, because almost anything with arms would have taken up too much space.

So, for nearly eight months we had a spare dining room chair sitting over by the sofa, which no one enjoyed sitting on.

Then a couple of weeks ago I thought, “why not check Amazon?” We had ordered a nightstand and desk for the girls’ room through them, as well as a memory-foam mattress, and received free shipping through Amazon Prime. An upholstered accent chair seemed a bit far-fetched though, but I started looking anyway and discovered they had several contemporary chairs at affordable prices. Some were even Amazon Prime eligible . . . that is, until I tried to order them and discovered the company wouldn’t ship to Hawai’i, or at least not for free.

It arrived in a chair-shaped box!
It arrived in a chair-shaped box!

I finally found this blue and white slipper chair. We all liked the color and design enough to take a chance on it, and the price was right, including free shipping. I placed the order, expecting to get the now-familiar message that it couldn’t be shipped to Hawai’i or that there would be an additional shipping fee, but the order went right through, and less than a week later we had our chair! All we had to do was unwrap it, and attach the legs. We’re more than impressed with the quality of the chair construction and the fabric, and it’s comfortable and the design fits perfectly in our living room.

If nothing else, living on Kaua’i these past two years has taught us to be creative when it comes to shopping or cooking and now buying furniture. With apologies to the Rolling Stones, we can’t always get what we want here, but we eventually find what we need, and at an affordable price too.

5 thoughts on “We Bought A Chair

    1. If you want something other than ‘island casual’ it usually has to be special ordered, which means $$$ or $$$$. We like the tropical look, and would have gone with it if we were starting from scratch here.


      1. It’s a dickens to clean/dust and not comfortable when you are used to regular furniture. They also tend to be oversized. I don’t think if you bought an island casual couch and island casual chair they would have fit the space as well as what you have now.


    1. We passed on the chair at first because it wasn’t Prime, but then I saw they offered free shipping and thought we’d give it a try. Lesson learned – sometimes ‘free shipping’ means they will even send it to Hawai’i! So many places though exclude Hawai’i and Alaska.

      The UPS guy was fascinated with the chair-shaped box – said he’d never seen one before.


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