This Week’s Menu: Where Did All This Food Come From?

Cooking Light magazine's Thai-style pork stew - it's been a favorite recipe since it appeared in 1999!
Cooking Light magazine’s Thai-style pork stew – it’s been a favorite recipe since it appeared in 1999!

We are still trying to use up what we have on hand so that we can get our small freezer defrosted, but my goodness, it’s like someone or something is feeding the freezer from the bottom. There’s still a LOT of food in there, and other than a box of ice cream bars for the girls we didn’t buy one thing that went into the freezer when we shopped at Costco last week. I think it will be another two to three weeks before we can even think of defrosting :-(. As I said on Sunday, I’m not complaining, but I am surprised. And grateful.

Last week’s menu plan went off without a hitch other than swapping around a couple of days. We bought fresh mung bean sprouts for the pad thai at the farmers’ market and then realized that they would not last until Sunday, so the pad thai was moved to Thursday. Friday night’s kalua pork dinner was swapped with Saturday’s leftovers because the girls  were invited to go to one of the local obon festivals on Saturday night. Still, we made progress toward getting things used up and the freezer cleaned out (although obviously not enough).

The girls cooked dinner two evening last week, and will be taking care of another couple of meals this week. They have been doing a great job!

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

  • Tuesday (this evening): Beef & broccoli stir fry; steamed rice (tofu and broccoli for me)
  • Wednesday: Grilled chicken ravioli with pesto; grilled zucchini; garlic bread (pasta with marinara for me)
  • Thursday: Homemade fish cake sandwiches; corn on the cob
  • Friday: Pasta with ham, spinach and red peppers (not sure yet what I’ll have)
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Slow cooker Thai-style pork stew; steamed rice; cucumber salad (sesame peanut noodles for me)
  • Monday: Grilled hot dogs (vegan for me); potato salad

We’ll need to get cucumbers, zucchini, and corn at the farmers’ market this week as well as LOTS of ginger because YaYu and I are going to be making a traditional Chinese hot pepper condiment for her to enjoy. That girl loves the heat!