This Week’s Menu: Changes Are Coming

I always keep a bag of potstickers in the freezer!
I always keep a bag of potstickers in the freezer!

While we are not exactly scraping the bottom of the barrel yet, we are really getting low on supplies around here. We’ve run out of several items, and the girls have been complaining there’s nothing to eat for snacks, etc. Both of them are very active, and eat a LOT. Neither of them is very big on sweets either, although they do like them now and again.

So, I thought about doing our big monthly shop this week instead of next week. But when? There’s absolutely no time in between the myriad of activities the girls are scheduled for this week, and WenYu wants to go along whenever we do go to check out backpacks. She needs a new one for college, and Costco has some that are reasonably priced.

After much thought though I gave up on doing the shop this week, and Brett and the girls went to Costco yesterday afternoon after the girls’ dental appointments for a very few things to tide us over until next week: mayonnaise, bread, luncheon meats (the girls have been clamoring for things to make sandwiches), spinach, and the girls’ beloved ramen. WenYu found a backpack.

Waiting on shopping until next week gives me time to think about what we actually need to buy. YaYu goes back to school in a couple more weeks, and after WenYu leaves next month there will just be three of us to cook for. YaYu likes taking leftovers for her lunch, but has asked for a larger Thermos. I’m a very hungry girl these days, she says. Also, YaYu joined our family when she was five years old and many of her taste preferences were firmly in place by then, so she has always been happiest with Asian and spicy flavors, as well as rice, noodles and dark greens. She doesn’t even like bacon all that much (heresy, I know) and could happily go without cheese other than some occasional Parmesan or melted cheddar. So, with me skipping meat or dairy these days, and wanting to honor YaYu’s preferences, how and what I cook, and what we buy, is going to change (Brett thankfully eats everything with no complaint), and I want some time to think about that.

In the meantime, here’s what’s on the menu this week. Other than spaghetti tonight, it’s very Asian-y:

  • Tuesday (this evening): Spaghetti with pesto; grilled Italian sausages; grilled zucchini; garlic bread (I’ll have a couple of “meatless” meatballs instead of a sausage).
  • Wednesday: Pad thai with shrimp; cucumbers
  • Thursday: Ham & vegetable fried rice (no ham in mine)
  • Friday: Slow cooker cashew tofu; steamed rice; sliced mango (I’m using the linked recipe, but substituting sautéed tofu for the chicken; I also add a cup of diced celery toward the end)
  • Saturday: Leftovers

    (photo credit: Just One Cookbook)
    Zaru soba (photo credit: Just One Cookbook)
  • Sunday: Grilled teriyaki chicken; zaru soba; Japanese cucumber salad (“chickenless” nuggets for me with teriyaki sauce)
  • Monday: Vegetable lo mein; chicken potstickers; ‘Asian’ coleslaw; steamed rice

I fixed everything on last week’s menu with no changes other than swapping days, so here’s hoping I can do it again this week!

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: Changes Are Coming

  1. Those potstickers in the first picture look so yummy! I haven’t bought potstickers in a long time but might have to go get some at Trader Joe’s. They make a great snack for my husband. Growing up, I didn’t eat very much Asian food. I really like it but if I get a craving for it, I’m much more likely to go out to a local restaurant, rather than try and cook it myself. Need to get better about finding easy recipes (with spices I already have) and putting it on the menu.


    1. We always have a big bag of the LingLing chicken/vegetable potstickers from Costco in the freezer – sometimes the girls have them for breakfast or lunch, and they make it easy to put together a quick dinner some days. I’ve made my own potstickers in the past, both vegetarian and with pork, but the selection here of the wrappers is very limited, if you can find them at all. I wish I could get some of the vegetarian potstickers from Trader Joe’s these days!

      We didn’t eat a lot of Asian food either growing up. The first “real” Asian cuisine I had was when I went to Japan in college, and I was hooked. I know that the Asian dishes I fix are not very authentic (no Chinese cook makes cashew chicken in a slow cooker), and some things are easier to make than others, but we like the flavors and it all works for us. If I want authentic I go to a local restaurant (or take a trip to Japan 😉 )


      1. Going to Japan is very high on our travel list! We actually have a friend who is working there for 16 months and we tried to figure out a way to go stay with her but just couldn’t make it happen right now. My husband would love to go to a baseball game over there. I’d love to eat sushi! Hopefully we’ll get there some day!


      2. You should go!! The best time to go is in the fall (late October/early November) – the leaves are changing and the crowds aren’t as crazy as they are in the spring. Summer is hot and humid (but I still love it), and winters are cold.

        AirBNB rentals are an affordable and fun way to stay if you visit. Hotels are nice, but are quite expensive. The two places we stayed on our last trip were clean, affordable and the owners left clear instructions for how to use everything, how to get around, and recommendations for restaurants in the area. I would stay in one again in a heartbeat!

        I’ve been to one Japanese baseball game – a very different experience from baseball in the U.S.!


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