This Week’s Menu: Splurges


IMG_3928What do you splurge on?

Every month I make sure to fit a few splurges into our food budget. These are not spur of the moment choices, but treats we don’t buy regularly but like to enjoy once in a while, and that are carefully thought through before we shop. This month’s splurges included a big apple pie from Costco, a case of bottled green tea, and several boxes of fresh peaches.

We love pie, but it’s frankly too hot here to bake one – I can work up a heavy sweat just from rolling out a crust (or even thinking of rolling one out). Costco’s apple pies are not only tasty, but they’re vegan as well (not so with their other pies, sad to say) so that’s the flavor we buy, but just once in a while. A Costco pie is big enough that it lasts us for several days, and one will satisfy our pie cravings for several months.

I also love green tea. I still brew my own black iced tea, but like to take a bottle of green tea with me when we go to the beach or are otherwise out and about. The bottled tea is not cheap, but the tea is good, refreshing and worth splurging on once in a while. The plastic bottles can either be recycled or refilled.

I don’t think I need to explain the peaches. They’re not a bargain here, but we’ll buy them as long as they’re available and then dream of them for another year.

Next month’s splurges? I’m not sure yet, but there will be some. And, whatever they are, they’ll be on the shopping list and in the budget.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week at Chez Aloha. Other than the paella, nothing should heat up the kitchen too much either:

  • Tuesday (this evening): Paella with tomatoes; salami; green salad
  • Wednesday: Spaghetti with marinara; grilled Italian sausage (vegan meatballs for me); grilled zucchini
  • Thursday: Tofu lettuce wraps; chicken potstickers; steamed rice
  • Friday: Beef, pepper & onion stir fry; steamed rice (teriyaki noodles for me)
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Grilled hot dogs (vegan for me); macaroni salad; cucumber pickles
  • Monday: Slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches on torta rolls; coleslaw (some other kind of sandwich for me – not sure yet)

The last few weeks I’ve done very well sticking to the menu, and want to keep that going. It’s made a big difference in getting food used up on time, and decreasing the amount of food waste.

What are you fixing this week?

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: Splurges

  1. You are always so disciplined! I start with a list and end up with a cart full no matter what. I do avoid that “center aisle” of Costco most of the time, unless I have something specific in mind. We are headed down South on vacation in 1.5 weeks so I have been having fun using up what we have around the house for meals. It will be slim pickings next week and I may have to go buy a few things, but I feel like I am living in the Chopped Kitchen and am enjoying seeing what I can come up with from what we have in stock. (And I am saving money that we can use while on vacation).


    1. The discipline did NOT come easy! You know who are the best too at keeping me on track? The girls – if they are with me and I am tempted to pick something up, they’re right there saying, “You know Mom, we don’t need that” and back it goes.

      I kind of had fun week before last using what we had on hand. It was sort of like being on Chopped, but I still managed to come up with some tasty meals.


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