#Kaua’i: Kountry Kitchen Restaurant & Cafe

I may be biased, but this is hands down the BEST place for breakfast on Kaua’i.

The humble-looking Kountry Kitchen
The humble-looking Kountry Kitchen

Located in Kapa’a, across the street from the Kapa’a Library on the Kuhio highway, Kountry Kitchen offers an extensive menu of breakfast flavors and local favorites, including kalua pork omelettes and loco moco (fried egg over rice covered with gravy). Portions are tasty, filling and BIG. There’s a different fresh juice selection offered daily, depending on what’s in season. I’ve had papaya juice, fresh pineapple juice, and on our last visit likikoi (passionfruit) juice, which was out of this world.

The restaurant's interior is kitschy but fun, with lots of chicken- & rooster-related nick-nacks.
The restaurant’s interior is kitschy but fun, with lots of chicken- & rooster-related nick-nacks.

Our first meal on Kaua’i when we arrived in 2014 was breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen, and each year since we’ve gone back to celebrate our anniversary (this year was a bit belated as we were just home from Oahu on that date). We make a point of going there for breakfast whenever visitors, both family and friends, are here and it’s one of Brett and my favorite date locations. They’re also open for lunch, but breakfast Hawaiian style is their claim to fame with both locals and visitors.

WenYu's Eggs Benedict with a side of rice - VERY Hawaiian!
WenYu’s Eggs Benedict with a side of rice – VERY Hawaiian! (I had a 1/2 order of Eggs Benedict with no ham and a side of pineapple. I know there was butter in it, but it was worth the cheat).
Brett's coconut pancake is plate-size (and yummy). The coffee is pretty darn delicious too.
Brett’s coconut pancake is plate-size (and yummy). The coffee is pretty darn delicious too.

While the food is just as good as it was when we first went in 2014, the restaurant moved into a new, larger location next to their old one last year. The old location was infamous for its long lines and long waits for a booth or table, and while that’s mostly been taken care of you can still expect a short wait if you arrive at peak breakfast hours (9:00 – 11:00 a.m.).

YaYu's GIANT omelet with a side of fresh pineapple. I didn't think she could finish it, but she did.
YaYu’s monster Kountry Kitchen omelet (filled with ground beef, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and cheese) with a side of fresh pineapple. I wasn’t sure she could finish it, but she did. I understood when I saw the size of the omelet why she didn’t order the hash browns.

If you’re ever visiting Kaua’i, let me know and Brett and I will be happy to meet you for breakfast Kaua’i style at the Kountry Kitchen!

9 thoughts on “#Kaua’i: Kountry Kitchen Restaurant & Cafe

  1. Sounds like a “must go” place – we’ll have to add it to the list! Haven’t been to Kauai for over 25 years, and back then the prime breakfast place was Tip Top Café in Lihue – for their macadamia nut pancakes, although I think they’ve either closed or sold out to different owners a long time ago.


    1. The Tip Top Cafe is still open and still going strong. We haven’t been only because it’s not a convenient trip for us where Kountry Kitchen is just down at the bottom of the hill, less than a mile from our house. I am eager to try breakfast at Tip Top Cafe – they supposedly have a larger variety (if that’s possible) of breakfast items than Kountry Kitchen.


  2. We went there two years ago on your recommendation! Now it’s our go-to breakfast place, even though we stay up in Princeville. We just plan for a day down that way – hiking, visiting our good friends Brett and Laura, or even on the way to the airport! I love the new, bigger location – still all the same fun things, but more room and less wait.


    1. Our son went first when we were here for Christmas 2012 and told us it was wonderful. Brett and I tried it during our 2014 house hunting trip and it’s our go-to breakfast place too. You know we’ll be meeting you there for breakfast next time you’re on the island!


  3. This sounds like my kind of place! i love breakfast food and I love that they put a local twist on it. The eggs benedict looks amazing!


    1. It’s honestly really good, and the portions are huge and a good value for the money. I love the atmosphere too – very Hawaiian.


  4. I will be visiting Kauai later this month and will definitely check this place out. Looks yummy!


      1. I actually just got home from Portland. I was there on a business trip and it was my first time there. The weather was perfect and now that I’m back home where it’s very humid, I miss the Portland weather! I have to say it’s definitely the quirkiest place I’ve ever been to. I hope I get to go back someday when I’m not working so I can see more of the sights. I did manage to get to Powell’s, Voodoo Donuts, Chinese Garden and ate in some fabulous restaurants. What are the winters like there?


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