Secrets of Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are wise.

They look like dinosaurs. They swim fast.

If you spend time with them, you’ll see their scratched up shells they carry around with them.

How brilliant to carry your home on your back.

They’re patient as they lay on the sand resting from the tumultuous ocean.

Suddenly I see that if sea turtles like to sleep here on Poipu then it’s perfect for me.

This is how I fall in love with a place. I follow the endangered species and see where they like to go.

That’s why I moved to Hawaii Island, to be with the wild dolphins, in 2014.

Big Island,
Big Island,

You have to wake up early to see these wise beings, looking all pre-historic in the blindingly beautiful sunrise each morning.

Poipu Beach Park,
Poipu Beach Park,

Secret: if you get up at 3AM and walk down to Poipu Beach Park you’ll see 5 or more turtles sleeping on the sand, from babies to enormous mothers. As soon as the navy blue sky lightens up between 5AM and 6AM, they slowly drag themselves off the beach and back into the sea. Reluctant to give up their beds on warm sand.

I feel the same way in the morning.

But lately I’ve been drinking my coffee with the turtles. I notice how they wake up.

I’m grateful sitting with them. And happy to point out to people not to get closer than 20 feet while flashing them with their cameras.

Don’t be this guy. Back off. Turtles are protected, and this is not Disneyland with fake animals. These turtles are real and wild.

But the best thing is that nature opens her arms and holds me like a baby swaddled in a blanket, swinging in the high vibrations of big love on the beach, big turtles, and the ocean lapping on the shore.

Yes, it helps to swing in a hammock while contemplating the fact that sleeping soundly, eating well, exercise, and meditation is what works every day of my life. If I do all 4 of those, my day flows into goodness, surprises show up, and I’m happy inside my skin.

And the 14 days of turtle bliss definitely freshened up my perspective.

It all started on the full moon.

The moon was so bright it knocked my eyeballs open and jolted me with an adventure. The message was — get to the beach and check out the turtles. It was 2:30AM.

It was dark.

But yes there were 7 turtles on the beach having a pajama-less party. The moon glinted and sparkled on the ocean shimmering the turtle shells so I knew they were not rocks.

After the excitement of seeing them I went back to bed and returned at 5AM – most had left but there was still the big mama turtle.

So I sat with her, a respectable distance away. She lifted her head and then rested it back on her sand pillow.

Never had a better cup of coffee in my life.

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