Time To Relax

I know exactly how you feel, Mr. Monk Seal

I know exactly how you feel, Mr. Monk Seal (no, he’s not dead – just sleeping)

It’s been a week of ups and downs.

YaYu is back at school full force, full time including daily cross country practice. WenYu has had just one day off since Wednesday last week, but has been earning some amazing money. Brett has stayed very busy getting the girls to and from wherever they needed to be.

I got sick.

The heat and humidity were awful once again at the beginning of the week as yet another tropical storm got near enough to block the tradewinds for a couple of days. Everyone else seemed to manage the hot, sticky weather just fine, but it knocked me flat. I woke up Tuesday with an upset stomach, pounding headache and sore throat and got nothing done. Wednesday I felt just as bad, but there was lots to do to get ready for our friends’ arrival yesterday so I paced myself and with help from Brett and the girls got everything done.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling great. It was cooler, the house was clean, and we had a great day planned for our friends’ visit. However, it was also pouring rain. Sigh.

Breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen

Breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen

We still had a fabulous day. Brett and I met Eriko, Jun and Joe at the airport, then headed straight to the Kountry Kitchen for breakfast (their son was still suffering from jet lag and slept through the entire meal). By the time we finished the sky was clearing so we came back to the house, changed into our swimsuits and headed for Poipu Beach Park on the south shore, a good choice because when we got there the sun was shining brightly. We made a quick stop to check out the Spouting Horn geyser, and then settled ourselves on the beach for a couple of hours. Jun and Joe spent almost the entire time in the water, Eriko and I sat in our beach chairs and chatted, and Brett visited with the volunteers who were guarding a napping monk seal. The seals are an endangered species, so if they come up on the beach to rest the area surrounding them is roped off and monitored to keep people a safe distance away. After our time at the beach we came home for hamburgers (we decided to cook at home versus going out to eat), and then got Eriko and family to the airport on time for their flight back to Oahu.

Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn – not its finest display, but good enough

Vibrant bouganville in sunny Poipu

Vibrant bougainvillea in sunny Poipu

A beautiful day at Poipu Beach Park on the south shore

A beautiful day at Poipu Beach Park on the south shore

Eriko & Jun brought us some tasty Japanese snacks. I love the beautiful wave graphic on the box!

Eriko & Jun brought us some tasty Japanese snacks. I love the beautiful wave graphic on the box!

Brett grilled some tasty burgers for our dinner

Brett grilled some tasty burgers for our dinner

Jun & Joe hunt for geckos to photograph

Jun & Joe looked for and photographed geckos in our yard

The surprise of the day was when Jun learned he qualifies for U.S. citizenship! Eriko mentioned when were chatting that he had been born on Guam, a U.S. territory, and lived there for the first six months of his life before his father’s job took them back to Japan. I told her I was pretty sure that meant he qualified for citizenship so I contacted our son, who worked for three years in the passport and visa section at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, and he confirmed that I was correct, cited the regulations, and let Jun know what documents he needs for proof. Jun had no idea, but plans to go to the embassy after they return to Japan, and will get his U.S. passport!

Anyway, a week that didn’t start out so well is ending on a high note. Nothing has to be done today, there’s no where I need to be and I am going to r-e-l-a-x, read and stay cool!

4 thoughts on “Time To Relax

    • Laura says:

      We have had a crazy summer, with one girl working and the other participating in a ton of volunteer activities. We didn’t go to work, but my husband’s and my time was not our own. Things are slowing down now, and once I get home from taking WenYu to school we should be able to settle into a nice, relaxing groove and have some time for ourselves.

      I can’t believe California schools are starting in August! Back in the day we didn’t start until mid-September, and that was to miss the hot weather (which of course meant a heatwave would show up the week after school started). I’m guessing most schools now have A/C. We didn’t – it was miserable.


    • Laura says:

      It was a very fun and busy day, but Joe is a very busy kid so it worked out well. He absolutely loved swimming and boogie boarding in the ocean with his dad – it took everything they had to get him out and ready to go home. It was so great to see them!


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