Sunday Afternoon 8/21/2016

We're just getting started . . .
Just getting started . . .

I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite as anxious about an upcoming trip as I do about this one. Although I’ve been sleeping well, I’ve awoken every morning this last week with my stomach in knots. There will be lots going on this trip and in some ways it’s just a bit overwhelming, mainly because for the most part I will be managing it all on my own rather than with Brett, my usual travel partner. Not only will I be saying goodbye and handing WenYu over to Wellesley, but I’ve also then got to get myself back to Colorado to spend a couple of days with my mom, and finally home to Kaua’i. I don’t really know my way around where Mom is in Colorado, and will have lots of free time there as Mom can only handle visits of around an hour and a half or so at the most. Mom’s condition is also an unknown – there’s been no word since my brother and sister visited early last month, so I am trusting that “no news is good news.” or at least as good as it can be, all things considered (medical information is only given out to my sister, and she hasn’t relayed anything). It’s almost hard to believe right now that this trip is just eight days long, and that three of those will be taken up with air travel.

We also just learned that rather than head straight on through to Boston, all our luggage will have to be claimed after we arrive in San Diego because of the length of the layover, and then rechecked the next morning for the second flight. I’ve got my fingers crossed on both hands that we won’t be charged for the checked bags a second time since the two flights are part of the same itinerary. I admit to feeling a bit relieved though about having the bags with us overnight as I was concerned about WenYu’s things having to sit so long in the airport.

We have fun things on our itinerary to look forward to though. WenYu and I will be having dinner with our good friend Denise while we’re stopped over in San Diego, and my childhood next door neighbor will be meeting us at the airport in Boston. We’ll be staying at her home while we’re there, and also getting together with another former childhood neighbor for a small reunion one evening. I’m feeling especially blessed that WenYu will have two families nearby that she can call if she ever needs assistance. I know she will be in good hands, which makes me less anxious about her being so far from us.

We had a weird bump this week on Monday evening when the freezer in our refrigerator suddenly decided to defrost itself. Thankfully I noticed that something was wrong and got everything out to our small freezer in the garage so we didn’t lose anything. Tuesday morning though the freezer was working fine again, making ice and everything, and we haven’t had a problem since. We’ve learned this week that this has happened to others during the summer – we’ve heard about others’ freezers mysteriously going into defrost mode and then back up again, including our landlord’s. He was right on the problem when we called, and we were glad we weren’t the ones having to set up repairs (if they had been necessary) or pay for them.

For now, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to write in the coming week, but I’m taking along my trusty MacBook and will blog when and if I can.

Anyway, this afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I finished both China Rich Girlfriend and VB6 (Vegan Before 6) and just checked out and downloaded The Sound of Broken Glass by Deborah Crombie, and The Little Friend by Donna Tartt, to my Kindle. Two very different books, but I love Crombie’s mysteries, and Donna Tartt’s books are wonderful reads. I read The Little Friend several years ago and have been wanting to reread it for a while, but I’m starting with the mystery first.
  • Listening to: WenYu and YaYu are chatting away, planning a trip into Kapa’a Old Town for lunch together and to walk around and look at the shops and spend some time together. It’s an absolutely love day here, and surprisingly quiet outside.
  • Watching: I’d like to watch the Olympics closing ceremony tonight – I always feel sad when they’re over, but tonight is also the final episode ever of Lewis, so we’ll watch that instead and then get back to the Olympics. I’ll hopefully get to see the Japan part of the ceremony, as they always highlight the next host country in the ceremony, and Brett and I hope to be in Tokyo in 2020 to see some of the games! WenYu and I also watched every episode of Stranger Things, a new Netflix series, last week. If you like creepy mysteries, you will enjoy Stranger Things – it’s very well done and leaves questions for another season. One big reason I am going to miss WenYu is that she has always been my viewing buddy for these kinds of shows. She loves the creepy/scary as much as I do.
  • Cooking/baking: I’ve got kalua pork going in the slow cooker right now, and will get the macaroni salad going in a little while. I’m also going to bake a pan of brownies this afternoon, so that they’ll be available for YaYu’s lunches this week as well as for snacking.
  • Happy I accomplished last week: WenYu and I got everything coordinated for packing; later this afternoon we will start, with Brett’s assistance, making sure it all fits into her suitcases. But, everything is ready to go! We also finally fit in a family stop for some yummy shave ice last Friday. There’ll be another review in the near future!
  • Looking forward to next week: I’m definitely not looking forward to saying goodby to WenYu next week, but I’m greatly excited about getting together with Denise, and reconnecting with my childhood neighbors and friends. I am also looking forward to stopping by the J.Jill store when we’re in Massachusetts. J.Jill is my all-time favorite brand, and their sales rack has always been filled with good deals. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a nice selection of summer items on sale as they transition to fall styles.
  • Thinking of good things that happened: WenYu had a very busy last week at work and made a boatload of tips. She earned enough this summer to be heading off with more than enough to cover her miscellaneous expenses for the year. This may not sound like a good thing, but after reading VB6 I tried adding a small amount of dairy (cheese and sour cream) back into my diet in the evenings. The dairy items tasted good, and it went OK so I now know I can have them in occasionally in small amounts. I still have no interest in meat though. Our weather has been very nice this week, both cooler and with a lot less humidity. We put $8.26 in the change/$1 bill jar.
  • Thankful for: I got both Kindle downloads above for free from the library. While I occasionally buy books, it’s so easy to download from the library website, and the three-week checkout time provides great motivation to not let myself get distracted and not get the books read in a timely manner. I am beyond thankful for all the services our libraries provide, and all for free.
  • Bonus question: Do you remember a time five years ago when you were extremely upset?Three years? Does it matter now? While I do get upset about things from time to time, I rarely get extremely upset about anything. However, five years ago a situation occurred with my siblings, and the fallout from that still reverberates and affects our relationships to this day. The situation was very upsetting at the time, but the changes that have occurred since have turned out to be positives for me, which I could not have imagined at the time. For the most part though I don’t (and can’t) remember things that happened even a year ago, so nothing else in the past five years has been as serious or upsetting as it seemed at the time.

That’s it for this week from Chez Aloha! I hope you’ve all enjoyed a very nice week, and had good things happen for you.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 8/21/2016

  1. Ahhh, I am feeling for you leaving WenYu at college. I cried over each child as I left them. It’s so wonderful she has some of your friends nearby…that makes such a difference in your comfort level.

    And I also love JJill. Good luck and I hope your visit to your mom goes well.

    Just discovered your blog via Bob Lowry’s blog, and I read all the way forward from the beginning. I feel like I’ve read a good novel and I’m looking forward to your continued adventures. 🙂



    1. I’m glad you’re enjoy the blog so far!

      When we took our son back to college in 1996, the night before check-in we were staying in a hotel in town. I thought he had fallen asleep, and I started crying and told Brett, “I don’t know what I’m going to do without him.” In the dark, I heard him say, “It will be OK, Mom. I’ll be home for Christmas.” That’s when I knew we would all be OK. I think it will be OK with WenYu too – I’ll be with my friend that night and we can commiserate together – she’s sent two off to college.


  2. Can’t believe the summer has gone so fast for you all, with WenYu leaving! And, I am a conflict avoider, but about 5 years ago I did tell my parents (who I’m extremely close to) that I wanted them to take a more active role in my boys lives. They had been spending a great deal of time with my sister’s kids as they went through a divorce, and almost none with ours. I think a few things have happened since then. .. I’ve matured a lot & now view their assistance as a fabulous gift. They have definitely tried to balance things out as much as possible, and we’ve just grown closer generally. My parents are incredibly active in their 60s. I’m grateful for that, but sometimes choose their own social lives. The older I get, the more I realize that it’s not a terrible thing. I’m not around 90% of the rest of the time, and they need their own “circle”.


    1. This summer has gone by f-a-s-t, and Tuesday morning will be here before we know it. WenYu is almost finished with her packing, and all she needs to do tomorrow is deposit all her tips in her bank account, and pick up two more travel locks – her two big suitcases require two. It will take me about 15-20 minutes to pack my bag, but tomorrow I will be printing things off, and making a couple of calls to make sure everything is set.

      I’m happy to hear things worked out so well with your parents. Sometimes we don’t know how things will turn out. In my case, the situation gave me a deeper understand of my position with my siblings, and allowed me to let go of some things that were keeping me on edge and unhappy.


    1. Thanks! It will be a bittersweet trip, but I still imagine the time will go all too fast. The only part I’m actually dreading is the 5-hour layover before my flight back to Kaua’i. Hopefully that will go faster than I imagine it will right now.


  3. My husband and I fly regularly with an overnight layover (Delta airlines) and they never charge for the second “checking” the next morning. I think the airlines would have even more PR problems if they were to try to pull something like that. I always say they should give you free checked bags and charge for the enormous bags people try to bring as a carry-on.


    1. Your comment is reassuring. I spoke with the airline about it yesterday and while they couldn’t give me a definite answer, the representative felt that they would most likely “work with us” about not paying a second time to check our bags. The issue with our layover is the length – under 12 hours, no problem but ours is 13, thanks to their itinerary. So, we shall see. My daughter is also bringing her guitar – the airline said she could carry it on with no problem, so that was a relief. This is all new to me because I usually only travel with a (small) carryon – I think the last time I checked a bag is when we went to China in 2005 to adopt our youngest. I agree some of what people bring as carry-on is getting out of hand.


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