On Our Way

It’s almost 6:00 a.m. and WenYu and I will be on our way to the San Diego airport in a few minutes to start the second leg of our journey to Massachusetts. We had a smooth and comfortable flight from Kaua’i and hope today’s is the same. I’m not sure when it happened or why, but when we checked in yesterday we did not get the seats I had originally booked, and ended up a few rows from the back of the plane, in different rows. Hmmm. We were able to change with another passenger so we could sit together, and it all worked out. The crew on the plane was super nice, and the cheese and fruit snack plate I ordered for lunch was delicious – I plan on ordering it again today.

Gibbler the pig is heading off to college with WenYu - she's had him since she was 8 years old.
Gibbler the pig is heading off to college with WenYu – she’s had him since she was 8 years old.

We got a nice surprise when we checked in at the airport yesterday. What we thought was an oversized and overweight suitcase turned out to be neither oversized nor overweight, so we checked it in under my name and saved $50 over what we thought we would be paying to check it. Plus, we were told we will not have to pay again to recheck our bags today for the second leg of the journey. We arrived on time in San Diego yesterday evening – planes still fly in to the airport through downtown San Diego (and you can still watch them come in when you’re dining at the swanky Mr. A’s restaurant). Denise was there to pick us up at the airport and take us over to our hotel in Old Town. After dropping off our bags, we all walked over to a nearby restaurant for some Mexican food and had a great, but too short, visit. We couldn’t get over how busy the restaurant was at 9:00 on a Tuesday evening. On Kaua’i the sidewalks get rolled up at 8:00 p.m., even on the weekends.

IMG_4084Because we were checking bags for WenYu, we bought some locks for her new luggage. The two items Brett is holding above were used to package two small travel locks (that were ordered from Amazon). Over-packaged much? The cardboard can be recycled, but who thought this was a good idea or even necessary?

That’s it for now – on to Massachusetts!

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    1. Finally catching my breath and finding time to reply! Loved seeing you, dinner was fun and can’t wait to see both you and Jim on Kaua’i. LOVE that you’ll be staying so close this time!


    1. The last few days have been a whirlwind, but WenYu’s been successfully launched at Wellesley, so now it’s on to Part II: Denver for a couple of days, and then home.

      I could tell they wanted to charge me again, but I reminded them that the layover was their itinterary, not one I came up with on my own.


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