Sunday Morning 8/28/2016

Lobstah roll!

I’m in Colorado! I arrived at the B&B early yesterday evening, and after making a short drive back up the road to Loveland to pick up some dinner I fell right asleep. I’m exhausted and there’s been little chance to stop and relax. It’s been go, go, go (unless I’m sitting on an airplane, but that’s not relaxing either) from the moment WenYu and I started out last Tuesday.

I’ll be heading out after I finish writing this to spend some time with my mom for a while, and then plan to drive up the road a short ways and visit Trader Joe’s for a few things to take back to Kaua’i. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be able to see Mom in the afternoon or not – in the past afternoons haven’t been a good time for her. I’ll talk to the staff at her residence and see what they say, and plan my schedule around their advice. I’m hoping I can fit in two visits a day while I’m here.

A pensive WenYu in her dorm room, taking it all in
A pensive WenYu in her dorm room, taking it all in
Looking out to Lake Waban from the window seat
Looking out to Lake Waban from the window seat. The girls will be able to see more of the lake when the leaves are off the trees.

I had a wonderful time in Massachusetts, and the hospitality of my friends there was unsurpassed. WenYu appears to be settling in fine at Wellesley. Her first night she did the traditional “Freshman Swim” in the lake, but said it was very smelly and she’s glad she only has to do it once. Yesterday she had headaches all day and found herself sleeping through some of the meetings, but she’s hanging in there. I think the whole experience just kind of caught up with her and she needs to stop and catch her breath.

Berthoud Inn B&B, Berthoud, Colorado
Berthoud Inn B&B, Berthoud, Colorado
I'm staying in the "Oriental Room"
I’m staying in the “Oriental Room”

The Berthoud Inn is as nice as I remember it from our visit in 2012; I’m staying in the same room YaYu and I shared when we came then. The B&B is about seven miles away from where Mom lives, but the price is reasonable (less than any of the hotels in the area), the room is wonderful, and there’s a fantastic three-course breakfast served every morning!

Breakfast started with a fresh fruit cup (other guests had yogurt)
Breakfast this morning started with a fresh fruit cup (other guests had yogurt)
Second course was salmon with mango salsa, strata, asparagus, and cinnamon toast
Second course was salmon with mango salsa, strata, asparagus, and cinnamon toast
Third course was a cinnamon Danish (which came topped with whipped cream and a scoop of sherbet for other guests)
Third course was a cinnamon Danish (other guests’ Danish came topped with whipped cream and a scoop of sherbet)

The best part of staying at a B&B is the breakfast conversation with the other guests. My morning companions included a young lawyer from Naples, Florida, and a country singer and his wife, from Oklahoma. He’s booked into a club for a couple of performances, and will also do some recording while he’s here. I think we all could have sat together and chatted all morning! But, it’s almost time for me to get myself on the road and up to Mom’s, so . . .

This morning I am:

  • Reading: I finished The Sound of Broken Glass during my flight yesterday (all the flights so far have been very smooth, making it easy to read) and am ready to start Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend as soon as I can find some down time.
  • Listening to: It’s very quiet here, even sitting outside this morning. Berthoud is a small town, out in the country, so not a whole lot going on.
  • Watching: I haven’t watched any TV since last Tuesday.
  • Cooking/baking: Nothing. No cooking also means no dishwashing – yeah!
  • Looking forward to next week: Going home! It’s been a great trip so far, and I’m looking forward to the time with my mom, but it’s been difficult at the same time because so much has been going on each day, and I’m having to handle it all myself. I miss my “travel buddy.”
  • Happy I accomplished this week: I got WenYu settled and said good-bye without too many tears. I miss her terribly though. Last Friday, Move-In Day, I got exactly two hours of sleep the night before, so it was a hard day both physically and emotionally, but I made it through. I rested when I could in her dorm room while she and her roommate were out at meetings or running errands, and at one point got up and rearranged all the furniture in the room before they got back. The girls were happy with the result (the initial set-up had been very awkward). Her room has a window seat (!) with a view of the lake, but it was unusable because of how the furniture had been initially arranged.
  • Thinking of good things that happened: We got everything we needed for WenYu’s room, and spent a wonderful last day together before she moved into her dorm on Friday. Her roommate is quite nice, but a very quiet girl, maybe even shyer than WenYu. They seemed to hit it off right away so hope the friendship continues. I had a great visit with my former childhood neighbors, and we had a good time catching up with each other and learning about what had happened to others on our street. WenYu told me that after hearing about the divorces, violence and even murder that our neighbors had been involved in she was ready to call our quiet little suburban lane “Scandal Street.” It really was a wonderful place to grow up though and as kids we certainly had no idea all this other stuff had been happening. The J. Jill store we visited in Natick had a fantastic sale the day we went, with 40% off their sale prices, and I bought two shirts that will be perfect for Hawai’i. And, I had a lobster roll when we went out for dinner with my friends – so good!
  • Thankful for: I’m so thankful WenYu is at Wellesley. She has a terrific room, a nice roommate, the campus is beautiful and I know she is going to be very happy there. She also has two wonderful local families who will be there for her if she ever needs assistance. I am so thankful for the friends that picked us up at the airports in San Diego and Boston. We had so much luggage, and getting it all to where we needed to be on our own would maybe have been a bridge too far. Finally, I’m also grateful for the good job Brett has been doing to hold down the fort back on Kaua’i.
  • Bonus question: What’s been the hardest part of traveling on your own? I am a very organized person, but it’s been exhausting trying to manage and keep track of everything on my own, from car rentals to driving in new and different places to getting WenYu settled to wrangling all the luggage we brought. Having to do everything on your own is exhausting. I have a much better appreciation now for all that Brett takes care of when we travel.

Hope you all are having a great week, and that good things happened for you too!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning 8/28/2016

  1. I tell you what, that picture of WenYu made me so teary eyed, like looking so deep inside her at that moment. I guess being a mom extends to every kid we know, right? Enjoy your time with your mom, the B&B looks fabulous!


    1. I think her first day on her own was a little tough, but then she found her stride and since then everything’s been going well. She gets along well with her roommate, but the roommate doesn’t want to get out and do things like WenYu does, so I don’t think they’ll end up good friends.

      Had a good visit with my Mom, a very, very l-o-n-g trip home, but I’m so glad to be home again, awful humidity and all!

      Loved being able to get together with you in SD!!


  2. Sounds like an exhausting trip! I’m glad you found a wonderful place and birthdate to have some downtown and to be able to spend some time with your mom. Next time you’re in Denver let me know I’d love to meet you lunch or dinner.
    Have a very safe flight home definitely treat yourself to first class from Seattle to Lihue!


    1. It was a good trip, but definitely exhausting! Four of the eight days were spent on air travel and in airports – just go, go, go all the time. But, everything was accomplished so the trip was a success!

      The first class upgrade was definitely worth it.


  3. Just a quick thought about WenYu and headaches…..New England is MUCH drier than Hawaii plus all the air travel. I wonder if she is dehydrated as well as tired. The winters will be wickedly dry too – even with an old fashioned hot water radiator in the room. Does she know not to lick her lips when they get dry/chapped? When friends visited from the WC, they didn’t know and ended up with painful lips.

    What a lot of travel,,,and emotional traveling you are doing.

    Clearly a northern New England Lobstah roll LOL – us southern New Englanders like them warm with butter and lemon – no mayo HA!


    1. From what we’ve seen so far, the college does a good job of reminding them to drink lots of water. WenYus lips chap easily anyway, so she’s always been careful about applying gloss/Chapstick/etc. so hopefully she’ll do the same there.

      It was an exhausting trip, and emotional, but it all came off without any major problems. I am so glad to be home though.

      The lobster roll was amazing. I ate it with a knife and fork though because it was so huge.


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