This Week’s Menu: I’ll Drink To That!

Mmmm – mojitos!

The humidity here demands that we all take in a LOT of fluid every day. Water, iced tea, and coffee are our usual staples, but we also like to mix things up with other beverages and cocktails.

None of us are big soft drink fans, but we do enjoy a ginger ale now and again, and I still love Diet Coke big time. I gave them up at the beginning of the year, but the other day Safeway had 20-packs on sale for $5, a price too good to pass up. Hopefully the box will last for a while, but I haven’t been craving them this time around and have had just a couple so far, on hot afternoon last weekend. They were very refreshing, but I don’t want to get hooked again.

Brett and I also decided to add some different cocktails to our evening rotation. We’ve always enjoyed a glass of wine in the evening, and occasionally a gin & tonic, but before I went on my trip last month I was feeling bored with the wine and suggested we try something new after I got back. The gin & tonics are still our favorite cocktail, but we’ve also been enjoying POG (passion fruit, orange and guava juice) mimosas and tonight we’re having mojitos. I had a complementary (and delicious!) POG mimosa in First Class on the way home, which gave me the idea for those, and we’ve always liked mojitos more than other rum drinks, including mai tais and piña coladas. We’re not ready to set up a full bar yet, but like having something different in the evening. And, eventually we’ll go back to enjoying a glass of wine.

Also, I ate quite a bit of cheese during my trip, mainly because there weren’t often a whole lot of other vegetarian options. The cheese was delicious, but my digestive system didn’t like it, so I’m back to primarily vegan dining once again. I have missed pizza though, and am going to try a small amount of mozzarella once in a while and see how that goes as well as sticking to the occasional sprinkle of Parmesan on pasta dishes.

Here’s what we’re eating this week at Chez Aloha:

  • Tuesday (this evening): Grilled teriyaki chicken thighs; zaru soba; cucumber salad (chilled tofu for me instead of chicken)
  • Wednesday: Slow cooker chicken risotto; grilled zucchini (pasta with vegan ‘butter’ and Parmesan for me)
  • Thursday: California Roll Salad
  • Friday: Pizza: one half will be salami & cheese, for Brett; the other half just cheese, for me. We’ll also add some vegetables – not sure yet what those will be (YaYu will be dining at her first cross country team spaghetti dinner).
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Potstickers; steamed rice; ‘Asian’ coleslaw (I found vegan potstickers at Costco last week – yeah!)
  • Monday: Pasta with marinara; grilled Italian sausages; grilled zucchini; garlic bread

That’s it for this week – I think it’s doable, and I’m looking forward to being back in the kitchen. YaYu is taking a culinary course this term, and will be helping out more with dinner prep as well.

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: I’ll Drink To That!

  1. My wife and I were on Kauai last week and discovered a spot you may like – it is in Hanapepe it is called Blü Umi ( inside it is a sushi place called Japanese Granda’s Cafe ( – cool items in the store and good sushi – plus you could practice Japanese with the sushi chef and owner of the whole thing (Keiko Napier) – cool lady. I have read all your blogs – got hooked on you before you moved to Kauai, during the de-clutter phase. I was gong to reach out sooner and try to meet but I knew last week was not a good time for you. We live in CO and come to Kauai at least once a year for 3 weeks – this year we will be back around mid Dec to the end of the year.


    1. Thanks for the tip about Blu Umi – we’re heading down to the south shore in a couple of weeks and will check it out! Brett and I have been wanting to visit Waimea Canyon again, and have a day to ourselves coming up. Lunch in Hanapepe would be perfect, and you’ve got me interested in the store too.

      Sorry we missed each other – hopefully we’ll be able to get together next time you’re on the island. I love to get together with my readers. Be sure to let me know again before we come and we can set up a time and place.


  2. When you meet Keiko – tell her you heard about her from the guy who picked up a hitchhiker who knew her store. (Her husband was the hitchhiker)


  3. I drove through Hanapepe and was confused by it. Maybe I missed something, but it looked like a ghost town. I didn’t see any cute stores that everyone talks about and didn’t even see any people. Maybe I was there on a bad day?


    1. Did you take the exit and go through Old Town Hanapepe? It’s not a bustling place, and is usually pretty quiet whenever we go, but that’s where all the little stores, art galleries, etc. and such are.


      1. We did take the exit and drove through what I think is the main street there, but all the stores were closed and we literally only saw one person. We weren’t sure what to make of it all, so we left. To be fair, we were there just before it got dark so maybe everything was closed by then because we didn’t see anything like what Don describes. The next time I go I’ll have to check out art night.

        I have to admit Kauai took some getting used to because everything closes so early. Where I live, we have quite a few stores that are open 24/7, lol! There was one night we wanted to grab some food around 8pm and had a hard time finding any places that were open until we happened to drive down the street where Hamura Saimin is and they were open and were quite busy. The line was out the door!


  4. If you blink you could miss Hanapepe for sure. They do have “Hanapepe Art Night” – (tonight in fact 5pm to 9pm) – food tucks, art, local crafts, music – and a lively evening – at least for the West Side and Hanapepe.


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