This Week’s Menu: The Best Laid Plans

The Cuban Bowl from Laughing Planet Cafe in Portland was the inspiration for our Cuban-style burritos.

At the end of last week I did my usual menu planning, and based our meals on what we have on hand and what we would be picking up at the farmers’ market on Wednesday and Costco on either Thursday or Friday.

And then on Sunday I injured my back (again) and am now on Day Two of bedrest, hoping that I can get myself back to where I can at least stand and cook, let alone shop and do all the other things that need doing. My long day of sitting in airplanes and airports, and lifting my carry-on in and out of the overhead bins at the end of last month apparently was more than my lower back could handle, and it’s had good days and bad ever since. On Sunday all was well until I bent to pick up a basket of laundry, and suddenly my back was a hot mess again, and here I am in bed.

We switched yesterday’s planned Homemade Fish Cake sandwiches to hamburgers which were easier for Brett to fix, and although I’m going to go ahead and stick to the planned meals for this week, I decided to switch a few days around and front load the week with meals that are easier for Brett and YaYu to prepare. Hopefully by the end of the week my back will be pain free once again and I’ll be back in the kitchen.


Here’s what’s planned for this week:

  • Tuesday (this evening): Beef & broccoli stir fry; steamed rice (vegan lo mein for me)
  • Wednesday: Grilled mahi mahi; roasted sweet potatoes; grilled zucchini
  • Thursday: Cuban-style burritos (stuffed with saffron rice, Cuban-style black beans, roasted sweet potatoes, fried banana, and pico de gallo)
  • Friday: Pizza for Brett and me (YaYu will be dining at her cross country team spaghetti dinner)
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Slow cooker balsamic pork roast; vegan stuffing; petite peas (“chickenless” nuggets for me)
  • Monday: Slow cooker adobo chicken with bok choy; steamed rice (tofu for me instead of chicken)

We’ll see how it goes. I’m feeling confident that by giving my back the rest it needs and deserves, and then being careful, I can get things back to normal and keep them that way.

Fingers are crossed.

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: The Best Laid Plans

    1. Thanks, Denise. You are so right – a sore back affects everything. Hopefully these three days of bedrest will do the trick. I plan to get up and out a little tomorrow and see how it goes.


    1. Thanks, Vivian. I’m getting lots of help from Brett and YaYu, but I’m bored out of my mind. Can’t wait to get back to my old routines.


  1. Oh, dear. Back pain from long travel is the worst, and you’re kind of stuck until it improves. I traveled a lot in my last couple jobs, and my back did that after every long week, sometimes worse than others. The overhead bin/carry-on dance, as well as dragging the wheely bag through the airports, always felt iffy but the real pain was delayed like yours. Hope you are back up and moving soon!


    1. Thanks, Laurel! This experience has been a huge wake-up call for travel planning going forward. No more long days like the one I had coming back – breaks and overnight stays will be built into our itineraries! I’ve had a sore back before, but nothing that didn’t heal quickly – this one has been a completely different animal.

      It’s getting better, but slowly. One more “day off” and I should be able to resume most of my regular duties.


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