Fall Break

A Rainbow Shower tree: Hawaii's attempt at fall color
A rainbow shower tree: Hawaii’s attempt at fall color

YaYu is off from school this week for fall break, and I’ve decided to take the week off from blogging as well. I’m working on several posts, but to be honest it’s difficult writing when I’m lying on my back, and I can only sit up for a short time so that doesn’t work very well either. I feel like I need some time off.

Don’t go away – I’ll be back next Sunday afternoon!


7 thoughts on “Fall Break

  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I love your blog Laura. I may not comment often, but I am a regular reader. Your positive outlook on life is catching 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Carole! My grandmother and mother were/are two positive people – I guess it was catching.

      I sure wish this could be a speedy recovery, but it’s the opposite: it’s going to be slow (and boring). Still, I am getting better week by week.


  2. I broke my foot a few years ago and had to stay off it for about a month. I remember how boring that was and I hated having to rely on other people to do just about everything, but it’s better to be patient now and avoid further problems down the road and delay recovery. It sounds like you have a very positive attitude and that helps.


    1. I have been doing a little bit each day, and would try a little more, but the physical therapist walks out to Brett each time before we leave and reminds him to not let me do anything, or much of anything! I am starting to go stir crazy, but know it’s going to help the healing in the long run. And, I keep reminding myself that it could be worse – when I broke my knee I had six weeks of complete bed rest other than to hobble to the bathroom on crutches. Talk about boring! I desperately want to go to the beach, but am not sure I can sit in the beach chair for too long before it affects my back.


      1. Definitely listen to the physical therapist. I actually was recovering from the broken foot and was in a walking boot when I went on a trip to Oahu. I had paid a lot for the trip and the doctor said I was well enough to travel, but it’s not something I would do again. Getting through the airport was crazy and I couldn’t walk on the beach and ended up having to use motorized carts at most places I went. If you want to go to the beach, could you sit in the car so at least you could see the beach from there? There is a parking lot at Lydgate so maybe that would be something you could do for a little while? Hang in there!


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