This Week’s Menu: Macaroni & Cheese, Round 2

Paula Deen's slow cooker macaroni & cheese
Paula Deen’s slow cooker macaroni & cheese

Last week’s macaroni & cheese recipe was outstanding, and all three of us here loved it. It was creamy, intensely cheesy, and insanely easy to prepare. I’m pretty sure I will be making this again when Meiling and WenYu are home at Christmas.

Creamy macaroni & cheese from the New York Times. It was amazing.
Creamy macaroni & cheese from the New York Times. It was amazing!

My children all think Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese is the best, and what I should aim for when I make mac & cheese at home. For them, Stouffer’s has always been a treat, something I picked up when it was on special, but they rave over its creaminess and the sauce. I have no idea why though – I think it’s too ‘soupy’ and I can taste too much flour in the sauce rather than cheese.

The recipe I am trying this week comes from Paula Deen and is prepared in the slow cooker, which automatically gives it points in my book even if I am not a big fan of Deen’s (and never have been). Recipe reviews give it five stars though, and from appearances it seems it’s close or closer to the Stouffer’s recipe. One ingredient I will not be using is the can of cheddar cheese soup. I try to avoid canned soups if possible, so will be making my own bechamel sauce with cheese and adding that instead. It’s a kind of moot point anyway because I don’t think cheddar cheese soup is available in any of our local grocery stores.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week at Casa Aloha:

Last week’s menu came off without a hitch, and I was able to stand long enough to prepare a few of the meals, including the macaroni & cheese. I was going to try another trip to the farmers’ market again this week, but my back is acting up again so Brett will once again be on his own. We need eggplant, cucumbers, carrots and bananas, and he’ll pick up anything else that catches his eye.

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: Macaroni & Cheese, Round 2

    1. I already love the first one, from the NY Times – so easy! You don’t even have to cook the macaroni ahead of baking. But, I’m drawn to any recipe where I don’t have to turn on the oven, although making my own cheese sauce vs. using the canned soup means I’ll have to stand over the stove for a few minutes, and the macaroni needs to be cooked in advance, so not as easy to prepare. I’ll post the results this coming Sunday!


  1. I’m interested to hear which one wins. I love browned cheese on top of the mac and cheese and I wonder if you’ll get that in the crockpot version. Now that the weather is turning colder here (it finally feels like fall in KY!) I’m much more excited to use the oven and am looking forward to cooking up some comfort food.


    1. The recipe last week had a lovely cheesy crust on the top – one of my favorite things, too! The crockpot recipe seems a bit more complicated, but it looks good too. YaYu will get to determine the winner, although I’m going to make both recipes again when all the girls are here at Christmas and see which recipe “the majority” prefers!


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