Sunday Afternoon 11/6/2016

The Pineapple Dump jetty

Can’t wait to be able to walk out to the Pineapple Dump again, especially to watch for whales this winter

Although I am feeling much better these days, I have entered what my therapist calls the “danger zone.” That is, I’m feeling good enough again to go back to doing more but running a high risk of putting myself right back where I started by doing too much too soon. So, while I’m encouraged to do more I also have to stay vigilant and know when to pull back and rest. I have been greatly looking forward to taking walks again, but the therapist warned me that I shouldn’t even think about walking for exercise until after the first of the year. BIG sigh. In the meantime, we sold our spin-style exercise bike to our landlord and are awaiting delivery of a recumbent exercise bike which will be easy on my back and allow me to get some much-needed exercise. The therapist has also started me on some Pilates exercises to help increase my core strength and take pressure off my back.

We learned this past week that the Samsung washing machine we bought this past year is part of a giant recall. 😦 We were given a choice of a rebate to purchase another machine or having it repaired, and chose the repair because we like the machine and haven’t had any problems, and the rebate wouldn’t cover the cost of a new machine. We have no idea when those repairs are going to happen though, and in the meantime will use the steps outlined by Samsung to prevent any problems. With just the three of us here these days, we’re only doing laundry one day a week, on Sunday afternoon, so the machine isn’t getting much of a workout as it is.

I’m so glad I’m not a teenager these days – YaYu’s schedule this fall wears me out, and it will become even busier next term. EVERY weekend brings some new volunteer activity that she’s signed up for as well as tutoring sessions both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Besides her regular classes, she has 2+ hours of swim practice five afternoons a week, and she sometimes goes down to the pool on Sunday afternoons to get in some more swim time. She seems to be less tired from the practices though than she was in the past, so that’s a good thing. I don’t know why YaYu seems to find an activity to fill every day off, but she has big plans, pushes herself, and always seems to get everything done and done well. It makes me tired just thinking about it though.

This afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I’m back into Truevine. It’s a very compelling book, especially the insights into what life was like for black in the Jim Crow south. As bad as I can imagine it was, the reality was far worse.
  • Listening to: It’s very quiet here today except for lovely birdsongs, and for one rooster who will just not shut up! A whole bunch of them started crowing last night after midnight – crazy. Nothing is going on out in the neighborhood either. YaYu is still sleeping (she needs it), and Brett’s reading so it’s very peaceful around here, for the time being anyway.longmire-005
  • Watching: Brett and I finished up all the available episodes of Longmire last night – such a good series! And, what a cliffhanger of an ending – I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next (and final) season. I’m not all that into “the West,” but this series has been well done, and the addition of so many Native American actors and storylines elevate the entire series to a different level, in my opinion. Tonight the three of us are going to start Season Three of The Fall, with Gillian Anderson. So excited there’s more of this show – the first two seasons were fantastic.
  • Cooking/baking: We’re making kalua pork in the slow cooker today and even though I won’t be having any, it smells so good. I’m making macaroni salad later this afternoon, and we’ll also have rice and a cucumber salad for our dinner tonight. I made Meyer lemon bars yesterday – Brett mistakenly bought some of the lemons a couple of weeks ago at the farmers’ market thinking they were limes, and we wanted to use them up (they did look like big limes, but were definitely lemons when we cut them open).
  • Happy I accomplished this past week: This was another uneventful week overall. Other than getting started on cleaning out the freezer, selling our old exercise bicycle and ordering the recumbent bike, I didn’t accomplish much of anything, but really had nothing on my agenda either.
  • Looking forward to this week: Brett and I’ll be watching the election results live here beginning in the early afternoon on Tuesday, and we’ll have our special dinner when YaYu gets home from working at the polls here. I think the east coast polls start closing at 7:00 p.m. EST, which is five hours ahead of us. I am honestly looking forward to this whole election being over though – I’ve pretty much had enough, and I’m someone who enjoys following politics. On Thursday morning I’ll be meeting my friend Joy in the morning for our spa day. We’re both having massages and facials, and then will spend the rest of the day in the hot tubs or swimming pool at the resort, setting the world straight, and will have lunch while we’re there as well. I am really looking forward to this day!
  • Thinking of good things that happened: We were able to get reservations for Thanksgiving dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, for the last available table! The reservation is a bit later in the evening than we had hoped for but still, lucky us! When our landlord came to pick up the exercise bike last week, he told us we were “dream tenants” (he owns other rental properties) and we can stay in this house for as long as we like. Our rent didn’t increase this year, but he said it might go up a little next year as property taxes are going up (again). Our yard service guy, Eguardo, pruned the guava tree yesterday, and we now have a big bowl of fruit in the kitchen, which will make the whole house smell wonderful for a few days. We had no food waste again this week, and put $3.18 in the change/$1 bill jar.
  • Grateful for: Once again, Amazon Prime has saved the day. We are so thankful their free shipping promise extends to us out here in Hawai’i. Without Prime, the shipping fee for the recumbent bike we just bought would have been astronomical and made the purchase completely unaffordable, the same for many other items we order through Amazon. We more than get our money back and then some every year on the annual Prime fee. We also give thanks to the other companies that do not charge any extra to ship to Hawai’i because so many do.mayo-vs-miracle-whip
  • Bonus question: Which do you prefer, mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? Miracle Whip is an abomination. Yes, I said it. I grew up in a house where only Miracle Whip was used (it and sweet pickle relish were my mom’s two favorite condiments), so until I was 18 it was all I knew. I had mayonnaise for the first time when I went to college, and instantly realized how truly deprived my life had been until then. I haven’t touched Miracle Whip since, and can’t even stand the smell of it now, let alone the thought of eating it. My children think it’s evil incarnate, and Brett doesn’t care for it either.

How was your week? What did you get done? What good things happened for you?

14 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 11/6/2016

  1. Laurel says:

    Laughing at your description of Miracle Whip. I also grew up in a MW house. At first I didn’t like mayo and thought it wasn’t sweet enough (!!) but now it’s my favorite. I think a generation on moms made lots of foods with Miracle Whip. I was raised Catholic, and our egg salad, tuna salad and bologna sandwiches always included MW. I can’t think of anything I’d use it for now.

    Yes to having this election over. Ugh. The country is so polarized I fear for the after effects, though. I fear we’re in for four years of ugly no matter who wins.

    We have been finishing off our basement with only a week’s break (for our trip to the Big Island!) since the beginning of September and we FINALLY finished painting and had the carpeting installed this week. We are both thrilled and SO happy to have that over. Now we’re (well, DH is) assembling furniture from IKEA to add to the pieces we had down there, and DH is watching football on his new 60″ TV. I’ll be calling dibs on it for election night. LOL

    Hard to sit still when you start feeling better. Hang in there! The recumbent bike should help!


    • Laura says:

      EVERYTHING got made with Miracle Whip in our house: tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, you name it and there was MW in it, and usually pickle relish too (although thankfully the relish was never put on bologna sandwiches). My mom loved sweets, so I’m guessing it’s why she was drawn to these condiments.

      Your newly finished basement sounds like a wonderful retreat – congrats on getting it done. Brett will be assembling the new exercise bike when it arrives. He can put anything together (ad enjoys doing it, even things from IKEA 😉 )


  2. Natalie says:

    My week was pretty good. I’m happy to post my trip to Buenos Aires on my blog, and look forward to posting my visit to Iguazu Falls and Bariloche next. Glad to hear you start feeling better. I hope your PT will give you the green light soon.


    • Laura says:

      Loved the article about Buenos Aires – my sister has been there several times, but South America has never really been on my radar for travel destinations. Maybe it’s time I rethink that! Looking forward to reading about Iguazu Falls – they are spectacular.


  3. Vivian Gibson says:

    Sorry, but I hate mayonnaise, only use miracle whip.

    I’ve been cutting down trees at my parents house. My mother hoards plants like she hoards everything else so is not happy but the city threatened to cite them if it was not cleaned up. I can cut down anything up to 4 inches in diameter and 15 feet tall. ( I have a battery powered chain saw) However, the big ones will have to be cut by a professional. . The yard looks so much better. I finally feel that I have accomplished something.
    Glad you are feeling better,


    • Laura says:

      Vivian, I believe Miracle Whip is preferred in the South over mayonnaise, so understand why you might prefer it. I prefer savory to sweet though which is why mayonnaise is my choice.

      What kind of trees were you cutting? I’m impressed, and glad you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Are professionals expensive where you live? We had to have two trees cut down on our property in Portland, and it wasn’t as expensive as we thought it would be (plus we got all the wood for firewood).


      • Vivian Gibson says:

        Rain trees, oak trees, Florida orchid, bay trees, loquat trees. You name it and mama has it. We also got a lot of weird stuff after the hurricanes in 2004 that I don’t know the name for. The back yard was a jungle and I mean that literally. Think Hawaii forest on steroids, ginger plants, shrimp plants, elephant ears, grape vines, Virginia creeper, Philodendrun silk vines, bamboo vines, passion fruit vines growing on all the trees. I still have some more to do but it really does look so much better.


  4. Cindy says:

    You are 100% correct! Miracle whip is horrible! Best foods mayo is the way to go. If something is made with Miracle whip, I would rather go Hungary!


  5. jakeymom says:

    Good morning and thanks, again, for interesting posts and especially reccs on books, shows, etc. I’ll take a look at Longmire! Hope you are feeling better real soon; I’ve also learned to listen to my back as the years continue (thank goodness for that) to 68, and the core exercises really help, as does losing any extra weight. I am continually surprised by Amazon Prime, too. I have a son teaching on the Big Island (one reason for a retirement there!) and Prime is my go to for shipping. I was also surprised yesterday to be looking for various small items–a mini cupcake pan, body wash, bar soap for my school’s Red Cross Club holiday baskets (yes, still teaching, but the last year….). I found good prices at Target, and we live close by, but they were significantly LOWER if I bought them online and used the instore same day pickup! I also got a $5 gift card for buying the bar soap in quantity! Several other stores and sites are also very accomodating to the Islands now……someone should start an info page on that. I know buying local is important, and I’ll always try that first….craftsmen, farmers’ markets, small shops, but whatever helps people manage their money in the best way may sometimes take a different path! Take care and have wonderful week!


    • Laura says:

      Like you, we always prefer to buy locally here if we can, but some things we can’t find, or they’re priced so high here that it makes more sense to buy from Amazon. You’re lucky to have a Target store available – it’s the one store I miss here (well, besides Trader Joe’s), but we’ve heard they’ve come here twice and decided not to open a store on Kaua’i, apparently ever. We’re the only island without one. In the meantime, thank goodness there’s a Costco here, and I’ve made my peace with Walmart – they have low prices (lower than Oregon, actually) on toiletries and some Asian foods we use. Actually, not having a whole lot of shopping options helps keep our budget in check.

      Longmire was great, and boy did the last available episode leave things hanging! I read that there’s only one more season coming, so hope everything gets tied up.


      • JJ says:

        I went to the Walmart quite a few times in the week I was on Kauai and thought they were very well stocked for a store on a small island. Much better than I expected. I also was impressed with the Costco. I think there was also a K-Mart, but I didn’t stop there.


      • Laura says:

        Yes, they usually are well-stocked. Their prices for things like shampoo, conditioner and such are the same or less than we paid back in Portland, even with tax here. They have a huge selection of Asian food products too, and at much lower prices than other grocery stores in the area. The Costco here isn’t quite as big as ones on the mainland, or maybe over on Oahu, but they still have a great selection and great prices – we’d be lost without them. We’ve only been into K-Mart a couple of times so really can’t comment on it.


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