#Kaua’i: Winter Is Different Here

Kapaa Lookout
Greening Up

Although it does not snow on Kauai, there is a marked seasonal change that occurs sometime after Halloween, and may linger past St Patrick’s Day. The grass is often greener, the surf a bit rough and choppy all day long, and the sky a deep gray as it appears a little closer to the beach before it engulfs the mountains.

Rough Surf
Rough Surf

We frequently carry sweatshirts or sweaters when we go out in late afternoon because the trade winds gust up as the sun goes down. Really, it takes no time at all to acclimate to the warmer summer weather, and begin shivering as the mercury dips below 70 degrees Farenheit (21 degrees Celsius) on wintry evenings and early mornings.

Heavy Clouds; Windswept Waves
Heavy Clouds and Windswept Waves

Throughout the non-hurricane season, we make fewer trips to the beach, and umbrellas are more frequently seen at cocktail bars. And, occasionally it rains like it’s never going to let up. Great masses of saturated soil slump and creep, and big things fall down the mountains with a rumble or roar. On the other hand, this is the best time of year for watching migratory marine life from the shore.

Whale & Porpoise Watching
Whale & Porpoise Watching

A few weeks into this season, flash flood watches and warnings are issued by the National Weather Service for days on end. Roads are temporarily flooded and closed, and tragedy strikes more often in rivers and streams due to the heavily silted and rapidly rising water.

Gloomy Sunset
Distant Heavy Rains

Winter is different here, but it’s still paradise, still home.

4 thoughts on “#Kaua’i: Winter Is Different Here

  1. Thank you! I stopped at the lookout to kill time before picking up YaYu (her high school is just up the bluff from the lookout), and then the wind, the surf, and the clouds set this post in motion.


  2. I think of Hawaii as always being warm….no matter what the season. Whale watching sounds fascinating. I bet Wen-Yu will be thrilled to be back in Hawaii – regardless of the “winter” weather: It was 12 degrees this morning in CT and MA will be even colder!


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