Five Frugal Things 1/6/2017

Cranberry sauce & apple crisp

Some frugal things we did this week:

  1. I used up the leftover cranberry sauce from our pre-Christmas turkey dinner to make a cranberry sauce & apple crisp.
  2. We did all the laundry on one day to save water, and hung around half of it outside to dry (that’s all the drying space we had).
  3. I used our Amazon Prime membership to sign up for six free months of the Washington Post online. When the six months is finished a subscription will be just $3.99/month, $11 less per month than a regular subscription.
  4. I played around with Swagbucks while I watched TV this past week and earned $10 more in Amazon credit.
  5. Rather than Meiling buying an expensive textbook for $92.25, she asked if we would rent it for her as one of her birthday gifts. Total cost for a one-year rental: $16.25. The rental period will cover all three terms she needs the text.

What were your frugal wins this week?

6 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 1/6/2017

  1. 1. I cancelled 3 credit cards saving myself $285 in fees. I had paid the annual fee on one of these cards and have a refund check coming my way for $95.

    2. I was able to book a round trip ticket to Australia in business class using points. The cash portion of my trip is approx. $150. I’ve also been able to get my head around a strategy so I know exactly what credit card points and why I am earning as I’ve identified future redemptions.

    3. Heinz baked beans were on sale at Cost Plus so loaded up on those to get my husband through during my absence.

    4. I was able to find a cheaper price for one of the hotels I am staying at in Australia saving me $47 a night for 3 nights.


  2. Your travel savings are impressive! Good job!

    I’m getting ready to open my own Hawaiian Airlines credit card. We’ll use it in Japan, pay if off when we get home, and I’ll earn 50,000 miles! When I get my card, we’re cancelling Brett’s – one travel card is enough for us. We get great rewards from our “everyday” credit card, although we don’t use it much, and I prefer to cash out the rewards versus using them for other things.


  3. Hmm. I posted a response that didn’t appear. Trying again.

    My five frugal things for the week:
    1. Made four meals from the Costco turkey breast we ate on New Year’s Day and froze the rest for future meals.
    2. Wrote up a ‘real’ budget so we can track our spending in our first full year as two retirees.
    3. Sold four books on Amazon and have more pending. Every little bit helps, and I love to purge unused items.
    4. Renewed Costco membership (pricey but worth it).
    5. Found a new winter hat at half price instead of buying this year’s model. If I’m going to do winter sports, I need to be warm. Not an exciting sale, but necessary. 🙂



  4. It’s all those little things we do that add up to bigger savings!

    We have a little piece of our Costco turkey left – it will be appearing on the menu this coming week. We did a budget our first year of retirement to track spending, then adjusted and tracked again when we moved here because everything was so different. I’ll tweak this year’s budget each month – with one still in high school there are still plenty of unknowns.

    Our Costco membership renews in April, but we’ll get our rebate check next month. They’re big(ger) here because we do the majority of our shopping at Costco, and buy all of our gas there too.


  5. Your crisp looks delicious! You’ll be well-informed reading the Washington Post – good choice. Frugal win for this week was buying a few emergency groceries in advance of last night’s snow storm, and skipping the regular weekly shop. I have every confidence we can eat from the pantry/freezer all week!


    1. The WP subscription was a very good deal. I’m still having a bit of a hard time reading about stuff going on, but know I need to stay informed.

      I honestly can’t say I’m envious of your snow and cold weather – the main reason we moved here was to get away from all that. It’s still gets cold here though. Once you’ve acclimated, when it drops below 70 degrees, it feel very cold and uncomfortable. I hope things get better where you are and you’re able to be out and about again in no time. But, having to stay indoors has its advantages too!

      The crisp was delicious – not too sweet.


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