Five Frugal Things 1/13/2017

20170108_163450Little savings add up to big savings:

  • YaYu took leftovers for her lunch every day this week.
  • We had to go to Costco to buy sourdough bread to make garlic bread for YaYu’s weekly swim team spaghetti dinner . . . and we bought only bread in the store. This is a huge frugal accomplishment for us – we usually can find several other things we “need.”
  • I applied for a Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard. While this might not seem outwardly frugal, if I spend at least $1000 with it within 90 days, I’ll get an additional 50,000 miles added to my mileage account. I plan to use the card to cover some expenses while we are in Japan (hotel, meals), and then pay it off when we get home. When my card arrives, Brett will close his account (he already got his 50,000 miles).
  • The girls went out for shave ice last weekend, and used coupons we bought from one of YaYu’s fundraisers last year. The coupons were just $3 each; the regular shave ice price was $5.50.
  • We combined trips whenever possible. For example, earlier this week Brett took YaYu to school, WenYu to the dentist and stopped at our local Safeway to pick up a prescription and a head of iceberg lettuce. We tried to make every trip into town do at least double or triple duty.

What were your frugal wins this week?

13 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 1/13/2017

  1. Joy Franks says:

    I have one big one and that is our groceries this week from Big Save! I can’t believe the savings. We try to buy everything from Big Save now. Since we’re in Hanalei twice a week anyway, we combine getting groceries then. Right now we are $600 on what I budget for our mastercard monthly. Because food has gotten cheaper for us, that explains some of the savings. (we put EVERYTHING on our mastercard for the cash rewards) The other savings has been thinking twice about purchasing something. Les has been real good about doing this, especially since he is an impulsive buyer. Our mastercard closes for the month on the 19th, so that’s my “month” as well.


    • Laura says:

      Once it’s just Brett and I, it will be Big Save all the way! Their prices really are lower, especially for just two. We’ll probably only keep going to Costco for gas.


      • Laura says:

        We go there now for a few things (and it’s where we found the stainless worktable for the kitchen), but we can usually find better prices for most food items at Costco or Big Save. Cost-U-Less has good produce though. It’s a fun place to visit, and there are bargains if you look carefully. We get our toothpaste and toothbrushes there – they have the best prices for those on the island.


  2. Natalie says:

    My frugal wins this week: (1) No discretionary spending (2) Bought grocery items that were on sale (3) Got two grocery items for free and CDN $7.78 back due to scan code errors (4) Ate all meals at home (5) Earned cash back rewards for groceries.


  3. Pink Ninja says:

    I made almond butter instead of buying at the store. Since raw almonds were on sale at $4.99/lb, it came out to be much cheaper and absolutely tasted better. 🙂


  4. Laurel says:

    This is such a good practice. It keeps me thinking of frugal ideas plus appreciating the efforts I am making if I forget them. I find that motivating.

    1) Saw a first run movie (Hidden Figures…great!) with a gift card. Cost DH and I $1 out of pocket. 2) Waited until Moonlight was in the second run theater and saw it for $5. Another great movie. (I was craving movies this week…ha!) 3) Ate all dinners at home despite DH suggesting we eat out. Hard to resist, but I’m kinda the budget keeper and the cook, so he agreed. 4) Got my VW diesel rebate check (finally…what a goat rodeo) and deposited it, so we can use that money instead of tapping anything else this month. 5) Stayed within new grocery budget and bought only a few fruits and veggies for the week, plus some sale items we always use.


    • Laura says:

      Great frugal choices!

      I agree that it keeps you thinking of frugal ideas. I was trying to think of frugal choices that we’d made the other day, and the family said that everything we do, every choice we make is frugal, so much that we don’t think about it. I don’t think we’re that great, but we do make frugal choices pretty consistently. I can’t believe the difference in how we live now versus our life back in 2009!


  5. betterdaywithme says:

    I usually make my food from scratch, instead of using a lot of money on either fast food, or buying bread, cake and so on. My best frugal tip though is avoiding all the sweet/chocolate aisles (because I looooooove sugar and always end up buying and buying)


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