Sunday Afternoon 1/22/2017

Ready to go to the airport . . .
Ready to go to the airport . . . sob!

I’m feeling a bit blue today – WenYu left to go back school yesterday morning, and the house once again seems so empty without her. I keep reminding myself that she’ll be back again in less than four months, and in the meantime I will be going to Japan with Brett and YaYu and meeting my new granddaughter! I can’t wait to also spend time with my grandson again, and with my son and daughter-in-law. I know the time we’re on that trip will fly by.

I am so excited to meet this little girl!
I am so excited to meet this little girl!

Have you ever had a fight with yourself and lost? Last Wednesday evening, as I was getting dressed for bed, I caught my foot on my pants as I was stepping out of them and tripped, falling sideways into the door. As my right arm hit the door handle, it popped back and I punched myself in the rib. The punch was so hard and so painful that I literally fell to my knees, gasping for breath. I have broken bones before, and know the pain feels different, and this pain felt just like a fracture. I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled on Thursday at noon for my annual cholesterol check, and while I was there he checked out my ribs thoroughly because it was not out the range of possibility that I could have broken one. However, the only result of the punch turned out to be a bruised rib. Four days later it’s still quite sore and painful, and some movement remains difficult. It’s going to take a while to heal. In the meantime though I think I’m going to start sitting down when I either take off or put on my pants!

This coming week will be the final swim meet of the season, and then YaYu segues right into track and field. While I enjoy watching YaYu swim, the end of the season always comes as somewhat of a relief as there is no more big load of beach towels to wash every week, and I no longer have to prepare garlic bread for the team every week!

This week I am:

  • Reading: I’m reading Truevine: Two Brothers, a Kidnapping, and a Mother’s Quest: A True Story of the Jim Crow South again – I had set it aside last year when books from the library became available. It’s an interesting story, but the author tends to ramble a bit (in my opinion) before she gets to her point or comes back to it.
  • Listening to: It’s another blustery day here today so the wind is blowing quite briskly through the trees. It’s not raining though like it was yesterday so several people in the neighborhood are out doing yard work and I can hear several weed trimmers going at it. The laundry is already started – I’m so glad we’re able to go back to doing all just once a week.
  • Watching: WenYu and I finally gave up on American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5) – we just couldn’t get into the story, and both realized we had little interest in how the story was going to unfold. Brett and I started watching The OA, which is OK, but we’re shopping around again for something else. I plan to watch another episode of Victoria tonight.
  • Cooking/baking: We’ll be having breakfast for dinner tonight with scrambled eggs, bacon, English muffins and fruit. I’m going to make a pan of brownies this afternoon so there’s something sweet for Brett and YaYu.
  • Happy I accomplished last week: In spite of my stupid accident, I managed to get in most of my daily bike rides – having a recumbent bike really helps. I also completed all of my language study goals for the week, and drank at least eight glasses of water every day. Otherwise it’s been a pretty low-key week with not a whole lot going on.
  • Looking forward to this week: Brett and I will be doing our big monthly Costco shop on Wednesday, and I’m excited to see if we can stay under our budget as well as we did this past month. YaYu’s final swim meet of the season is on Saturday. Her disability makes swimming a more difficult endeavor for her than most, but she is a fighter, and doesn’t quit. Her race times all season have improved from last year. And of course, Brett and I are hoping we can get to the beach, at least one.

    It was a cool, stormy day for a protest, but lots showed up. This is about 1/4 of the total.
    It was a cool, often wet, stormy day for a protest, but over 1,000 showed up with their signs, pretty good for a rainy, blustery day.
  • Thinking of good things that happened: There was a well-attended “Women’s Sign Protest” on Kaua’i on Saturday. There really isn’t any place to march on our little island, so participants gathered at the airport intersection with their signs instead. My cholesterol and other test numbers were very good again this year. I’m also very proud that we have been able to use what we have on hand to prepare meals, and did not have to go shopping except to buy bread for the spaghetti dinner (and some eggs). This is one of my major goals this year, to get our food spending down, and so far this we’ve been successful (although we’re not always going to have leftover ham and turkey to use like we did this month). YaYu had a great meet yesterday, and bested all her times by several seconds.
  • Thankful for: I am truly thankful that I did not break my rib the other evening because it sure felt like I did. The pain after I hit myself was just as intense as that when I fractured bones before. As sore as I still am, I know a cracked or broken rib would have been far, far worse to deal with. I’m also thankful that the injury is improving – every morning I wake up in a little less pain.
  • Bonus question: If you received a surprise windfall of $500, and were told you had to spend it (no saving or bill paying allowed), what would you buy? In the past, I could have easily come up with a list of things I wanted, but these days I think I’d rather spend it on a special experience. $500 would cover a full spa day (massage, facial and pedicure), and dinner with Brett in the evening. Brett and I could also take a Kaua’i mini staycation: a night away at one of the resorts with dinner and breakfast out. Or, we could take a helicopter ride around the island. There are other things we can do here, but whatever we choose I would want to spend the money on the island. I wonder if I it would count though if I spent the money on groceries, and then put $500 of our grocery money into savings ;-).

That’s what’s going on here. How was your week? What good things happened for you?

11 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 1/22/2017

  1. Your granddaughter is adorable…Love her cheeks! Sorry to hear about your injury. Wishing you 100% recovery soon. My week was low-key and good. The weather has been grey and foggy here so I wrote about my past trips to South Beach and Ft. Lauderdale on my blog… just to make me think about sunshiny days 🙂 If I had to spend $500 windfall, I’d spend it on travel.


    1. Our grandson had the same cheeks when he was a baby. Can’t wait to hold this little girl, and just be around her.

      I’d do travel as well with the $500 if it was just me, but like traveling with Brett so most things, even nearby, were too expensive.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your fall….your description has a Three Stooges quality to it, but I know it isn’t funny. A good friend of my mother’s works in ER and said the majority of falls for people over 50 are either putting on or taking off pants and underwear. I’m with you – a sitter now!

    I stuck to my budget this week and made 5.6 months principal payment on my mortgage. Probably the biggest all year as it was from Xmas check from parents and a small work bonus. Still it feels very good.

    Since I can’t put my imaginary $500 towards the mortgage, then I’m with Natalie and would travel!


    1. It was a goofy fall, and who knew you could punch yourself so hard? It’s getting better though – every day I wake up with less pain.

      Paying down your mortgage that much is AMAZING. Good for you!


  3. That is one sweet, squeezable baby! Can’t wait for you to be able to visit her. What a love. So sorry to hear about your injury – it sounds awful. I broke my toe three different times (2 toes) over the course of a year, getting up to nurse crying babies when they were infants. Nothing is worse than a self inflicted injury. 😉 Laying on the ground, breathing deeply so you won’t vomit. . .

    With a surprise windfall, I’d splurge a bit on Sam & Nick’s birthday (11th & 10th, respectively) & maybe include a trampoline place, in addition to the sleepover. Oh, and also definitely an extra fruit tree for our yard, a bottle of pink champagne, and a cheap dinner out with M. I *think* I could get all of that just under $500. 🙂


    1. Our granddaughter looks a lot like her big brother did when he was a baby – I think the two of them, although different genders, are going to look a lot alike. The both take after both their mother and father. Apparently she is a very easy baby, too.

      One of my fractures was a toe and YOW! did that hurt! So right about the hoping not to vomit part. That’s how I felt the other night when I punched myself, so happy it turned out not to be a fracture.


  4. I always feel sad when my kids leave, too. But, oh! That baby! What a sweet face. It’s great to have that visit to look forward to.

    It’s super gray here where we live in the Midwest – fog, clouds, rain – in a season where we normally have snow. I’m trying to stay upbeat and not get overly anxious over the national scene. The march turnout everywhere was so uplifting.

    Sorry about your injury…it seems it takes me longer to heal now that it did in my youth. Hope you heal quickly…at least the painful part. I’m prone to injure myself and am a charter member of the Mysterious Bruise Club, as my daughters like to say. When I travelled a lot for work, my thighs were a map of bruises from airplane seat arms, suitcase bumps and who knows what.

    If I had a $500 windfall, I’d go to Chicago for a couple of days and visit the museums. I guess I could do that anyway, but it’s pricey and seems frivolous right now.


    1. It takes me a couple of days to adjust after the girls (or my son and family) leave – I just enjoy having them around so much.

      Your reply about the $500 made me think that Brett and I could use our FF miles and go to Honolulu, the use the $500 to visit museums, etc. there. Fun! Or, fly to the Big Island and visit Volcanoes National Park.


      1. We loved Volcanoes Natl Park…so worth a visit! And we had a (admittedly pricey) brunch at the Royal Hawaiian on the beach while waiting our ticket time at the Pearl Harbor Memorials. Either one sounds like a lovely break. You are so lucky to near such wonderful day trips!!!


      2. We’ve got our fingers crossed that we can do it. With the extra miles coming from Hawaiian, we could fly over for free, and all we’d have to spend on is a rental car for the day and food. Since we’re seniors we get free admission to the park. It would be a lovely day trip!


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