Five Frugal Things 1/27/2017


Here are some frugal things that happened at Casa Aloha this past week:

  1. We had to pay $45 for YaYu to attend this year’s swim banquet, but team members can sell $10 tickets for malasadas (Hawaiian-style donuts) and earn back $5 for every ticket they sell. Malasadas are hugely popular here so the tickets will go quickly, and besides, YaYu could sell a cage to a lion.
  2. Brett and I gave YaYu a small television for her birthday – it’s this year’s AND next year’s present (she is fine with that). We were going to connect our basic cable to her room, but she was able to connect to both our Netflix and Amazon Instant Video accounts through our old Wii console, and says she doesn’t need cable. Savings = $30.
  3. Rather than pay TurboTax an additional $30 to import our information from last year, Brett just put it all in himself this year.
  4. After last Friday evening’s swim team spaghetti dinner there were lots of leftovers, and the girls brought home two packages of Costco cookies as well as a big, unopened Caesar salad from Costco (cost = $12.99), which Brett and YaYu enjoyed over a couple of days!
  5. I needed fresh pineapple for our kabobs on Wednesday evening, was dreading having to buy a package of cut and sliced pineapple at Costco. Cost: $12.99 (although there’s way more than one meal’s worth in the package). But, as I walked by the Hawaii-grown pineapples in the produce section, I noticed they smelled good – a sign that there were ripe pineapples around (usually they’re somewhat green and have no smell). I looked around and found one perfectly ripe pineapple, and one that was almost ripe. Total cost for two fresh pineapples: $5.98.

What frugal wins did you have this past week?

5 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 1/27/2017

  1. My frugal wins this week: (1) Donated gently used kids’ clothes to another family who want them (2) Went through my paper stuff and recycled paper materials (3) Ate meals at home (4) Walked to where I needed to go (5) Earned cash back rewards for groceries.

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    1. If they are already close to being ripe, yes. But otherwise they will ripen some, but never fully ripen. The difference between a fully ripe pineapple and even one only slightly less ripe is noticeable. When you buy a pineapple, it should smell like a pineapple!

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  2. Oh my goodness malasada. Had them in Maui over Christmas from a bakery and it was good that they were not easy to get.


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