Five Frugal Things 2/3/2017

starbucks-caffe-verona-costco-1Here are five frugal things that happened last week:

  1. We put the $103.23 we would have had to pay for electricity this past month into our savings account. We still have approximately $14 of credit left for next month.
  2. Last month I made my daily goal every day on Swagbucks, and earned 629 extra Bucks. I have enough now for $60 in Amazon credit.
  3. Brett and I ate leftovers every day for lunch this past week; YaYu took leftovers every day in her lunch. All our meals were prepared at home.
  4. Brett bought only coffee beans on a trip to Costco, and besides the farmers’ market we had only one other trip into a store all week (for iceberg lettuce). (I think we’re getting good at this!)
  5. We spent only $3.99 of our monthly entertainment budget in January, to rent a movie from Amazon. Otherwise, everything we watched or streamed was free.

What were your frugal wins?

4 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 2/3/2017

  1. My frugal wins this week: (1) I borrowed four books instead of buying them, saving about $60 (2) This year is Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. I chose a free activity to participate in the year-round celebrations, i.e. I walked part of the Great Trail that goes across Canada. (3) We had all meals from/ at home (4) Bought grocery items that are on sale (5) Got cash rewards for groceries. My credit card has a promotion to double the cash rewards for a couple of months so it gave me extra savings. The last three frugal wins are pretty much on-going for me. Not exciting stuff but easy on the wallet and calorie intake 🙂


  2. I find when it’s dark and cold in January, it can be a challenge not to shop to cheer myself up. 🙂 But, I perservered.
    1) Needed to contribute an appetizer to a neighborhood gathering and make something with ingredients I had on hand instead of creating something complex and shopping for random things I don’t normally buy.
    2) Walked away from the 50% off piles of Xmas wrap, cards, and tissue at Barnes & Noble. I’m always drawn to them and don’t need anymore right now.
    3) Ate at home every night this week. Roasted a chicken and got three goods from it.
    4) Found a book I want to read at the library instead of buying it. Honestly, this is probably one of my best frugal changes from the past. I’ve purchased WAY too many books that I could have borrowed from the library. Win/win.
    5) Needed a new budget notebook and found one on the shelf that works well instead of purchasing a new one. I buy journals and empty notebooks whenever I find one I like and have now realized I probably don’t ever need another. 🙂


    1. We used to own so. many. books. I loved books, and buying them was a hard habit to break, but I’m much happier now reading them on my Kindle, and even more happy if I can download them from the library. I do buy them occasionally now for the Kindle, but only if I really want to read them, and the library doesn’t carry the eBook version or the wait is too long (like over six months).

      Brett’s sister sends several notebooks and journals every year to the girls as part of their Christmas present. They’re all lovely, but the girls won’t have to buy one for years into the future. My sister-in-law uses them when she travels – she’s an artist, and sketches and paints (watercolor) in hers to record memories or things she sees that catch her fancy. Her books are fascinating to look at.


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