#Kauai: Banana Joe’s Fruit Stand

Banana Joe's is located on the mauka (mountain) side of the highway, just north of the Kilauea turnoff
Banana Joe’s is located on the mauka (mountain) side of the Kuhio highway, just north of the Kilauea turnoff.

My all-time favorite Kaua’i treat, without hesitation, is a banana frostie from Banana Joe’s Fruit Stand, located in Kilauea, on the north shore of the island. The frostie is made by pushing frozen, local bananas through a Champion juicer, and the result is a cool, creamy ice-cream like treat that’s pure fruit and deliciousness. Every bite tastes like Hawai’i. Pineapple frosties are also available, or you can get a combo of both pineapple and banana. Frosties made from summer fruits such as mango are available in season. Frosties come in one size, and are $4.50 each.

Banana frostie - yum!
Banana frostie – yum!
Banana Joe's offers a wide selection of Kaua'i-produced treats as well as local produce and drink.
Inside the Banana Joe’s Fruit Stand.

Besides the frosties, the stand also offers smoothies made from local fruit, and sells a variety of locally made products and drinks as well as a wide assortment of local fruit and produce. If you’re visiting the island it’s a great spot to pick up some local products to take back home.

Banana Joe himself!
Banana Joe!

The best part for me of visiting Banana Joe’s, besides the frosties, is that I get an opportunity to chat with the owner, Joe Halasey. He’s a genuinely warm,friendly guy, and we share a love of Japan, so always have plenty to talk about and catch up on.

The Chocolate Shack, located next to Banana Joe's and in front of the entrance to the Chocolate Farm Tours.
The Chocolate Shack, located next to Banana Joe’s and in front of the entrance to the Chocolate Farm Tours.

A new feature that’s popped up since our last visit is the Chocolate Shack, located right next to Banana Joe’s! We’ve known for a while about the Chocolate Farm Tours that are offered, but now you can purchase chocolate bars made from Kaua’i grown cacao, drinking chocolate and other chocolate treats right at the source. The three-hour tours are offered several times a week, and include an all-you-can-eat chocolate tasting experience at the end of the tour! WenYu and I already have plans to (finally) take one of the tours this coming summer.

Kaua'i Mini Golf and Botanical Garden is a popular attraction on the island, for both visitors and locals alike.
Kaua’i Mini Golf and Botanical Garden is a popular attraction on the island, for both visitors and locals alike.

The Banana Joe’s Fruit Stand is also located right next to the Anaina Hou Community Park, which contains the Kauai Mini Golf and Botanical Gardens, a popular Kauai attraction, along with many other things to see and do. Located in the Park is also the head of the Wai Koa Loop Trail.

Whether you live on Kaua’i, or are just visiting, you owe yourself a stop at Banana Joe’s! It’s a purely Kaua’i experience.

8 thoughts on “#Kauai: Banana Joe’s Fruit Stand

  1. We passed Banana Joe’s a bunch of times when we visited in August and never had time to stop, but now I wish we had because that looks yummy. I actually have a kitchen appliance called “Yonanas” that turns frozen fruit into an ice cream consistency. We never had a chance to do the chocolate tour either. So much to look at, so little time… I just booked a trip to Oahu in March, but I’m going to try to do a day trip to Kauai to see the things I didn’t get to see the first time. Not sure if I’ll be able to yet.

    In the picture of Brett in front of the Chocolate Shack, why is the girl wearing a winter hat and scarf??


    1. JJ – it has been COLD here for us this winter. The Chocolate Shack was sort of in the shade, and there was a breeze that day, so it may have been quite cool in there (for here).

      Wish I could see you in March! Not sure though whether we’ll be in Japan or not while you’re here.


      1. I’m not sure yet if we’ll be able to afford the day trip to Kauai. I’m still doing research. We’ll be in Oahu March 12-18. Seems like every time I come to Hawaii, you’re away somewhere! I wish we could stay longer but it’s so expensive to go to any of the Hawaiian islands so I spend all year saving up for it. We normally come in the summer but we decided to come in March to do some whale watching.


      2. We’ll be on Kaua’i if you do decide to head over for the day – we could run you around if you’d like to save on a car rental! We leave for Japan on the 17th.


    1. They are wonderful. After our first trip to Kaua’i, the first thing I wanted when we came back was a banana frostie. The girls wanted Ono Char-Burgers first, so we did that THEN went for the frosties! They are so good!


  2. This looks yummy…I’m adding more time and money in the budget for my future trip to Kauai 😉 I foresee I’ll also need a solid exercise plan for all the eating outs I’ll be doing.


    1. There’s so much to do here! One thing you might look into is one of the Tasting Kaua’i tours. Every one is different, but you get to eat at different places all over the island. I follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and while I can go to most of the places on my own, I still love the way she puts the tour together, so Brett and I are thinking of trying it one year, maybe for our anniversary.

      Be sure to let me know when you’re coming!


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