Sunday Afternoon 2/12/2017

The view from the community pool where I swim. On Wednesday the water in the pool was warmer than the outside air.
The view from the community pool. It looks warm out there, but it wasn’t on Wednesday when I went to swim – the water in the pool was warmer than the outside air. Friday was even colder, so I didn’t go.

This past week sure started off on the wrong foot, but in the end turned out to be pretty nice. Is there any experience more miserable than food poisoning? Last Sunday evening at dinner, Brett and YaYu finished the roast beef slices from one package we had bought, and I had a couple of slices from a new package. Otherwise, everything we ate was the same. By 1:00 a.m. Monday morning I was one very sick girl. I’ve had food poisoning before, but this round was particularly nasty, and even after I stopped being sick I was still weak, dizzy and headache-y the rest of Monday, and barely able to put anything in my stomach, even a sip of tea or a cracker, until the evening. But, on Tuesday I woke up feeling more like myself again, and was able to head up to the north shore with Brett to do some gift shopping for our granddaughter, and get a frostie at Banana Joe’s. By Wednesday I was back to normal again.

YaYu got a scholarship for the China trip this summer! It’s close enough to full that Brett and I can easily cover the rest. The trip will include visits to Beijing, Xian (to see the terracotta warriors) and Shanghai. Brett, Meiling, WenYu and I have all been to Beijing but this will be the first time for YaYu, and she’ll be the first in our family to visit Xian. We are so proud of our girl!

I almost can’t believe it, but it looks like Meiling is going to be moving into her own place this summer. She’s 21, and certainly old enough and earns enough to pay for it, but it still kind of takes my breath away. She’s planning to rent a studio apartment that’s just a few blocks from the campus, and the rent is less than she’s paying now in her shared apartment. She’ll have to pay utility deposits upfront, and get a few things like some dishes and cookware (she already has a rice cooker and slow cooker though), but she’s a good saver and has a fund to cover these expenses, and she has no problems with shopping at Goodwill. The new apartment will also allow her to keep a cat, which makes her very happy.

This afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I’m very much enjoying Tana French’s latest book, The Trespasser. It’s a real page turner. I’ve downloaded Life As We Knew It from the library to read next. It’s actually Young Adult fiction, about a world-wide catastrophe that occurs when the moon gets knocked out of its orbit and moves closer to earth. The book revolves around how the catastrophe affects one family and the town they live in. I used to read it annually, to help me think about how our family might manage after a major catastrophe.
  • Listening to: Lots of outside action going on this morning (mowers, blowers, weed trimmers, etc.) because the sun is out! Yeah! Inside it’s quiet – YaYu is finishing up her bowl of ramen, and Brett is reading. The laundry is sorted, so the sound of the washing machine will be starting soon.
  • Watching: Brett and I started watching Ripper Street on Nexflix this past week. It’s just the sort of show we like (murder, police, etc.). When we’re not looking at that, we’ve been watching Criminal Minds with YaYu.

    Fresh papaya for breakfast this morning - yum!
    Fresh papaya for breakfast this morning – yum!
  • Cooking/baking: I’m really looking forward to tonight’s dinner of Chinese scrambled eggs and tomatoes. Several of the girls’ classmates’ moms back in Portland used to say this was one of their children’s favorite comfort foods, and the flavor profiles are right in our family’s wheelhouse. I made a chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream on Thursday and there’s plenty of that left yet, so no baking today.
  • Happy I accomplished last week: Brett and I had a lovely trip up to Kilauea on Tuesday and got almost all of our baby gift shopping done – we found some very cute, fun things for our baby girl and a gift for our daughter-in-law. All we have yet to buy are a couple of little summer sundresses or sunsuits in Hawaiian prints, and something small for our grandson (we’re taking him birthday shopping while we’re there for his “big” present from Grandma and Grandpa). I’m very proud of myself for getting right back in the saddle and doing my bike riding this past week after being so sick on Monday. I also got in one swim session at the pool on Wednesday, and was ready to go on Friday but it was just too cold (and rainy). I really didn’t feel much like exercising after Monday, but once I got back at it everything was OK. Brett also got our annual car maintenance taken care of this past week.
  • Looking forward to next week: We don’t really have anything on the calendar, although we may go back up to Kilauea and visit the lighthouse – we haven’t been in a while. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting in my three days of swimming. Otherwise I plan to do my regular stuff, plus read and relax. Maybe the weather will warm enough for us to go to the beach one day (haha).
  • Thinking of good things that happened: YaYu receiving the China trip scholarship is at the top of our list, but otherwise some other good things happened as well. I had a great check-up at the dentist on Wednesday. I thought I might have a cavity, but it was just a very tiny chip on the edge of a tooth, too small to do anything about (although my tongue makes it feel like the Grand Canyon). After selling all her malasada tickets in record time, YaYu took on selling 45 candy bars as a fundraiser to help lower her costs to the Key Club convention in April on Oahu – she sold them all in three days and then sold five more! As I’ve said, she could sell a cage to a lion, but I think now she could convince it to clean the cage as well. She also tried out and was selected for the school tennis team. 🙂 We put $19.42 in the change/$1 bill jar.
  • Grateful for: I’m so very thankful for all Brett did for me when I was so sick on Sunday night and all day Monday. He took care of me and everything else around the house, as well as calling and rearranging a doctor’s appointment I had to miss, and returning the tainted roast beef.
  • Bonus question: What is your least-favorite personal non-physical attribute? I drive myself (and my family) crazy sometimes because I like things to be just so. I think I developed my perfectionism as a defense against growing up in an environment where everything seemed chaotic, and as a way to (hopefully) be noticed and rewarded. I’m getting much better as I get older about letting things go, but I’m not where I want to be yet. My perfectionism is at its worst when I write – I’m never satisfied, and have to keep reminding myself what my thesis advisor once told me: finished is better than perfect.

That’s all for this week! How was your week? What did you accomplish? What good things happened for you?


8 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 2/12/2017

  1. Overall, it was a good week. We closed on our house, and started the fumigation process. I also showed our existing house to a potential renter, and interviewed for another job (fingers crossed). Next week we will be doing some painting, removing popcorn ceilings, texturing the walls, & removing carpet/having wood flooring put in. That should be more than enough! We are enjoying a gorgeous day here, as it’s supposed to be rainy again for the rest of the week. Drat!

    Congrats to YaYu! And, so sorry about the food poisoning. It’s the worst! Glad you are feeling better again.


    1. Is the new job with the same company or ??? I am really looking forward to seeing pictures of your new place! You are SO SMART for getting someone else to remove those popcorn ceilings – one of the worst jobs ever. Who ever thought those were a good idea?


  2. Congratulations to YaYu on the scholarship!

    My son and I both came down with a stomach bug this week. It was only a 24 hour bug but I’ve still not fully regained my appetite.

    We are looking forward to celebrating our son’s first birthday with family and friends. It will be a busy week getting everything cleaned and ready for the party but we can’t wait to celebrate!

    Have you ever watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or Master of None? Both are on Netflix and we really enjoy them.


    1. We loved Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! So funny on so many levels. I will look into Master of None, but for now we’re enjoying Ripper Street, and have just gotten started on it – there are four seasons!

      Glad you are feeling better as well!


  3. Glad to hear you recovered from the food poisoning, and congrats to your daughters. Behind every successful child or youth is the parents and others who support them to get to where they are. So my congrats to you and Brett as well, and give yourselves a lot of credits for a parental job well done!
    My week had its ups and downs. My mother was in emergency last Sunday. She’s released to be home but her health condition now requires personal support, mobility aids, and various types of health care services. My father is elderly and is unable to help her. I live closest to them and have been visiting to meet with the health care service providers and co-ordinate all sorts of things. My siblings are helping, too. I’m looking into assisted living facilities. We know our parents will resist so we’re preparing for the family talk when we can schedule it. Fortunately, my own family and what I’m responsible for myself are doing OK.


    1. First, sending all good thoughts your way, for your mom’s health and that you get her and your father settled.

      One of the things we heard over and over before we moved here was how awful the schools were. But, we’ve always believed that your child’s education is what YOU, the parents, make of it and what YOU expect, not any one else. Our girls have thrived here, and are getting a good education. We’re so proud of all of them – when it was time for them to step up, and we asked them to, they have risen to the challenge!


  4. Laura you are so inspirational with your saving advice! I think you could be very successful with writing a book on funding/planning budget travel.
    ( heck you are already doing it for free! )
    Congratulations to you and Brett on all your daughters successes. Yes they did the hard work but you guys gave them the tools and support they needed to accomplish their goals. Wish there were more people like you out there! Happy Valentine’s Day to all.


    1. Thanks for this love message, Cindy – made my day!

      Thanks too for so succinctly expressing how we see our roles as parents, to give our children the support and tools they need to succeed coupled with reasonable expectations, and then set them free. All of our children have made and are making us so proud! We feel very blessed.


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