Five Frugal Things 2/17/2017

Roasted baby carrots - yum!
Roasted baby carrots – yum!

Here are five frugal things that happened at Casa Aloha this last week:

  1. Rather than throw them out, I used the crushed Maui onion potato chips left in the bottom of a bag to top this week’s tuna casserole – very retro (and tasty)!
  2. The remaining baby carrots in the big bag we bought at Costco last month were looking kind of sad, but I roasted them and served with our Valentine dinner this week. They were delicious!

    This month’s shopping list for Costco; Walmart and Big Save are on the back. The question marks are for items we’re not sure about based on price and/or availability.
  3. We made a list for our monthly big shop at Costco, WalMart and Big Save. We always shop with a list, and if something’s not on the list we don’t buy it.
  4. This year’s rebate check from Costco was $144.47. A matching amount was transferred into our travel savings from our grocery budget.
  5. I listed a full-size bedspread and matching pillow shams, and my blue Chantal roasting pan (that I won as a sales incentive), on Craigslist. We need neither of them.

What frugal things did you do this past week?

8 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 2/17/2017

  1. I have alway shopped with a list, but collectively with my wife we have gotten better about shopping with a list, sticking to the list and sticking to the budgeted amount for shopping. Other than that the last week and a half have been pretty much bust as I am breaking all land speed records to complete putting together an ebook, paperback and website for my wife by March 5th as she was just given the go ahead by her agent to put out a novella for an anti-trafficking event March 5th so frugality has not been on the top of my mind this week, but I did skip going to the coffee shop a couple of times to be a little more frugal with my money, and I always comparison shop when shopping (sometimes the store brand is a better deal and sometimes it is not, so I compare it a lot ;P ) I really loved reading about how you reused the crumbs… why do I never think of how terrific chip crumbs could be used, but now I guess I will.


    1. First, big congratulations to your wife! That’s very exciting news.

      We all have times when we let frugality slip. I always try to budget enough for travel that we don’t always have to stop and think about what’s the most frugal option; rather, that we can enjoy ourselves and do and/or eat what we want without breaking the bank. Most of those choices end up being frugal – I sometimes think we’ve got that hard-wired now. Anyway, that’s why we’re careful, and comparison shop at home, so we can relax a little later and not worry.

      I didn’t eat any of the casserole, but my harshest critic (YaYu) told me that the addition of the chips was totally delicious and that she was glad I thought of it. That’s been one of my mini-goals this year: to find ways to use up even the mundane of leftovers.

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      1. Wow – did a quick read-through of your ways to use scraps. Great ideas! We put egg shells into our compost – the calcium helps keep black spots off tomatoes. Also, you can use tea bags to keep your appliances fresh when you move them or you’ll not be using them for awhile (like when you’re on vacation). The tea bags keep the interior fresh. Houseplants love cold coffee or leftover tea, but we never have any leftover coffee in our house!

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      2. Funny, you never have left over coffee and since I am the only coffee drinker in the house I never have enough coffee, but the great thing is I get coffee grinds from many of the different coffee shops in the area.


  2. I love roasted carrots! One of my favorites. Sadly, all other family members prefer raw vegetables. I can’t understand why, but if I roast something, I expect to eat it all myself. We definitely always make a grocery list, but also have core staples we buy every week. I should probably build an easy template for myself, and keep threatening to, but haven’t. 😉

    We had one planned meal out (birthday celebration), kept a free date night to leftovers & a nice bottle of wine that we already had, planned a thrifty birthday sleepover celebration, and used rewards to pay for Valentine’s Day goodies to share at school. Altogether, good stuff. We have to be focused, because we’re trying to get a bunch of stuff (read, $$) done on the house before we move in.


    1. I don’t envy your move at all (i.e. been there, done that) but it’s still exciting. I cannot wait to see pictures of the new house!

      We surprised each other this week and bought each other something for Valentine’s Day, which we usually don’t do. No cards, but some other fun and sweet gifts that didn’t break the bank or budget. Our grocery list these days is pretty small as we buy basics and then work up a menu from those things. We did buy two things not on the menu: crackers, because I should have added them, and frozen vegetable lo mein. It only shows up once in a while at Costco, the girls love it, and we know it won’t be there next month. Otherwise we stuck to the list.


  3. (1) I made chicken & vegetable soup to use up the leftover celery and carrots. It must be good because everyone had an empty bowl at the end! (2) I use a list for grocery shopping, and buy what’s on sale without compromising what our family likes to eat. (3) My cash rewards from January were directly deposited into my savings account. (4) I bought small sweet Valentine’s gifts for my family members without breaking my budget. (5) I re-watched another movie from my DVD collection and still enjoyed it. Have you used Craiglist before and how was your experience with it? I’ll sort out what we no longer need and may list them for sale.


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