This Week’s Menu: Slim Pickings

Hiyashi chuka usually is made with ham, but I’m substituting shredded chicken this week

I cannot get over how empty our refrigerator is already. It’s actually kind of depressing because when I open the door all I see are a big pitcher of water, a few eggs, a little bit of cheese, a small amount of salami, and a whole lot of condiments. That’s pretty much it. YaYu has been wandering around wondering what there is to eat, although I did bake a chocolate cake yesterday so there would be something for her and Brett to snack on.

Thankfully there is plenty to eat in the freezer, and combined with some produce from the farmers’ market we should make it through until we leave next week. We will have to stop by the store this week for some more yogurt, a dozen eggs, and some hamburger rolls that I thought we had but don’t, but otherwise everything is on track to have the refrigerator officially cleaned out the evening before we leave.

The noodles with pork sauce we’re having on Friday is really just Snake Alley Noodles without the shrimp. YaYu doesn’t care for shrimp, but otherwise loves the recipe so I said I’d make it and call it something else. When her sisters are home though she’s going to have to pick the shrimp out once again.

  • Tuesday (this evening): Teriyaki chicken meatballs; zaru soba; sautéed bok choy (no soba for me – sob!)
  • Wednesday: Three-color salad with chicken (hiyashi chuka) – just chicken, egg, tomato and cucumber for me
  • Thursday: Barbecue pulled pork sandwiches; cole slaw (no bread for me)
  • Friday: Noodles with pork sauce; sautéed bok choy; fruit (no noodles for me)
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Baked chili rellenos with enchilada sauce; yellow rice (no rice for me)
  • Monday: Homemade fish cake sandwiches; cucumber and tomato salad (no bread for me)

We’ll be doing a minimal amount of shopping this week at the farmers’ market, just picking up some cabbage, bok choy, lettuce, papayas and bananas, all things we can finish before we leave on our journey.


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