Japan Giveaway #1: Keep Entering!

(the broken cookie in front is one of ours)

Once is never enough!

You can leave more than one comment on the Giveaway post to increase your chances of winning. The Giveaway is open until midnight HST on April 5.

If you haven’t entered, what are you waiting for? The bird cookies are delicious!!

4 thoughts on “Japan Giveaway #1: Keep Entering!

  1. Well hello again!
    Love your blog and the previous one before the move!
    Didn’t realize one could enter more than once–so here I am being hopeful. Again.
    I’m a subscriber and my blog is inactive, tho you will see it in my address.
    I can already taste the buttery bird flown all the way from Japan!
    Keep writing, as I enjoy your travels, frugal tips and books you’ve read!


  2. I like having a chance to enter twice! I don’t usually comment, but I’ve been enjoying your blogging since “I’m losing it here!”


  3. 3rd time could be a charm in my quest for the buttery bird!
    Your blog is one of several I follow but this blog is the one I find I comment on the most…although not a lot. While I have thought of writing a blog other than the one written for grad school I have yet to make that leap. Kudos to you for keeping it going and interesting. I read blogs because I like visiting with and learning from others. I do have several friends I have coffee or breakfast and/or lunch with on a weekly basis. But blogging friends open up new vistas to me.
    As noted before I subscribe to your blog and a few more. Some motivate me on my declutter quest, others on budgeting and with others I partipate in travel adventures.
    Thank you! Sonja


  4. Thank you for such an awesome blog! I love your frugal advice and all the stories of your family. You give me hope that I can retire well down the road and live a wonderful live. Thanks again.


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