Japan Giveaway #3: Keep Entering!

Don’t forget: you can leave one comment every day on the Giveaway #3 post to increase your chances of winning the KitKat tasting experience. The Giveaway is open until midnight HST on Wednesday, April 19.

12 thoughts on “Japan Giveaway #3: Keep Entering!

  1. wcshauna says:

    I am so curious about the chocolate in the Japanese KitKats. Is it the chocolate the ones from the UK use? Those are much yummier than the ones in the states. Cheers!


  2. The One in Debt says:

    My child would try to finagle these away from me. It would need to be my secret stash. Oh wait, they snap into sticks. Awww, I guess I could share if I really have to. 😉


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