This Week’s Menu: It’s Shopping Week! (thank goodness)

YaYu loves to make (and eat) egg drop soup!

Shopping week! Thank goodness too – other than having several protein choices on hand, we are out of almost everything else needed to make a meal. I actually had a little trouble coming up with what to have for dinner tonight because there is no produce left in the house – we finished all of that up over the weekend and yesterday. For some reason we forgot to buy more zucchini at the farmers’ market last week, so tonight it’s just spaghetti with marinara and meatballs, and bread for YaYu and Brett. Does marinara count as a vegetable?

The egg foo yung, pad thai and Chinese three-color salad will use up our monthly Costco roast chicken. I also will be using some of it to make chicken salad for sandwiches, or in my case, to eat with tomatoes. I add diced celery, sliced green onion, and slivered almonds to my chicken salad, and blend with a curry mayonnaise. YaYu likes the almonds left out, and blended with sriracha mayonnaise. To each his own.

Asian dishes still seem to be dominating this week’s menu:

  • Tuesday (this evening): Spaghetti with meatballs; garlic bread (just meatballs and sauce for me)
  • Wednesday: Mabo dofu; steamed rice; cucumbers (no rice for me)
  • Thursday: Egg drop soup; egg foo yung; steamed rice (no rice for me)
  • Friday: Leftovers (track finals)
  • Saturday: Pad Thai with chicken; cucumber salad (not sure what I’ll have)
  • Sunday: Chinese three-color salad (hiyashi chuka) with chicken (salad toppings only for me)
  • Monday: Grilled fish tacos with mango salsa; yellow rice (no rice or tortillas for me)

Besides picking up mung bean sprouts at the farmers’ market, we’ll also need cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and a jalapeño pepper, as well as bananas and papayas. Mangoes are showing up at the market now, but they’re still too expensive. We have a bag of frozen mango chunks that I can use to make Friday night’s salsa.

WenYu will be home before our next Big Shop, so some of her favorites (i.e. manapua) are on the list this month. If it’s not on the list, we don’t buy it.

Fingers are crossed that we come in under budget with our monthly big shop!

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: It’s Shopping Week! (thank goodness)

  1. the menu sounds delicious. thank you for sharing. I pinned a couple of Mabo dofu recipes. I will need to stock up on a couple of the ingredients, but have most of it. I think my child and I will very much enjoy this dish.


    1. I cheat when I make mabo dofu – I use CookDo sauce mixes. They were very expensive back in Portland, but inexpensive here. But, it’s not hard to make from scratch either, and make it as spicy as you like. The CookDo sauce is not too spicy, but we ate some in China (in Hunan) where the heat was off the charts!

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      1. Oh, I will be hitting our local 99Ranch market for some pre-mixed items too. I like to cook, but my time is limited. 😉


  2. My normal plan is to cook on weekends, & serve leftovers on week days. However, I was on the lovely Oregon coast this weekend, so didn’t get to any cooking. M did grill on Sunday, so tonight we will be having leftover kebabs & rice. For the rest of the week, I will pull from the freezer stash!

    Your menu sounds delicious. One option for your chicken salad sandwiches would be to use lettuce as a “wrapper”?


    1. Since I’m not working now, I like to take the weekends off from cooking, or at least have something very easy on the menu. One thing we’re sort of struggling with right now is the leftover situation, because with just three of us here I never know how much to prepare so that we do have leftovers, but not too many.

      Chicken salad in lettuce sounds yummy. Iceberg is the only lettuce I can tolerate, but it’s very expensive here so we don’t buy it very often. We’re actually going to pick some up this week, or early next week, because I want to put hamburgers on the menu, and those need lettuce (especially for me now since I don’t have a roll).


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