Five Frugal Things 5/5/2017

No-carb chicken salad lunch

Some of the frugal happenings at Casa Aloha this past week:

  1. I earned 779 bonus points in April from Swagbucks, enough for another $5.00 worth of Amazon credit and then some.
  2. I keep a stainless steel soap pad in a Ziplock bag in the freezer in between uses to keep it from rusting. Also, cutting the pads in half before I use them not only makes them last longer, but it helps sharpen our scissors as well. A regular size box of soap pads lasts us for nearly three years!
  3. We had been putting our monthly cable/internet payment on our rewards card (and then paying it off each month), but we switched to paying with cash this month, rounding up to the nearest $5.00 and putting the difference in our change/$1 bill jar. The reward card gave us around 9Β’ per month for a reward; by using cash we’ll be putting away over $4.
  4. The roasted chicken we bought last week from Costco for $4.99 was used in four evening main dishes (Chinese three-color salad, pad thai, curry and egg foo yung), two chicken salad lunches, chicken fried rice for YaYu’s lunch, and as an addition to some soup.
  5. We had no food waste, made sun tea, and filled our Brita pitcher over and over and over.

What frugal wins did you have?

7 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 5/5/2017

  1. We had no food waste, made sun tea, and drank lots of filtered water too this week – ha, great minds!

    Hmm, biggest win this week would probably be planning a weeks worth of dinners from what I had in my freezer, purchasing just fresh produce and dairy to round things out. Sometimes life gets in the way of grocery shopping, and it’s nice to have on hand options. And a flexible spouse that will eat pretty much anything placed in front of him!


    1. Cooking at home with what you have on is probably the most frugal thing anyone can do, so this should probably get bonus points.

      I have one of those husbands too! Brett will eat anything put in front of him, and for the most part so will our girls.


  2. Your lunch looks exactly like something I would make. Yum! I was too busy to spend any money this week, so I suppose that’s a win. πŸ˜‰ We cooked at home, requested a $20 flight credit on Alaska, as ticket for our trip to Hawaii dropped, requested a $140 refund from Comcast due to a billing error. That’s about it!


    1. I enjoyed the chicken salad so much that I’m tempted to buy two chickens next month so I can make more! Costco sells pre-made chicken salad, and we like it, but I can make it on my own for less than half of what they charge.

      I have so far (knock on wood) never had to request a flight credit – I’ve always snagged the lowest fare. I think though that Hawaiian will only give you a credit once; Alaska has much better customer service.


  3. I had no idea you could put a stainless steel soap pad in the freezer so it won’t rust! I also had never thought of cutting them in half, so I will have to start doing this. Thanks for the tip.

    Do you freeze the Costco chicken? I’m never sure how long those stay fresh so I tend to throw them out after a couple of days, but I always wonder if I’m being wasteful.


    1. I can’t remember where I learned this tip, but it works. Just run the pad under hot water for a few seconds to defrost the outer edges when you need to use it – the rest will defrost quickly while you scrub.

      We generally use up our Costco chickens in five days – never had a problem because it goes right into the refrigerator as soon as we get home. Brett usually strips the meat from the bones on the third day or so so it’s ready to use, but I don’t see why you couldn’t freeze the meat. I think this next month I’m going to buy two chickens, and put some of the meat into the freezer so it’s ready to go when we want it. I also want to make a LOT of chicken salad!


  4. So funny…my mom suggested I cut my SS soap pads in half and it’s a great tip! I hadn’t thought of freezing them, though. I only have one pan that I need them for…the pancake griddle, and lately we’re not eating pancakes very often. 😦

    I bought two whole chickens at Costco this week and we’ve gotten four meals out of the first and I froze the other for later. My biggest savings this weekend has been having my DH out of town doing training for his search & rescue volunteer team. I will eat anything in the house and that is a real savings. ha! However, that means the early morning and last evening dog walk are on me. Ironically, that’s good for my weight loss program. Doesn’t mean I’ll be getting up early to take it on when he’s home, though. πŸ˜‰


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