Five Frugal Things 5/12/2017

The only place we spent money last week, and less than $10.

More frugal happenings at Casa Aloha:

  1. We realized that other than our weekly trip to the farmers’ market, we had a no-spend week last week, and the only spending we did this week was for the farmers’ market again, gasoline for the car (less than $20), and breakfast with Marji and her husband on Monday. Money for the farmers’ market and gasoline had already been set aside, so breakfast was the only discretionary spending.
  2. Brett carries a bag along when he walks, and picks up any cans and bottles that are littering the beach path, taking care of two things at the same time: the beach path is cleaner, and we get to recycle the cans/bottles, with the money going into our travel fund.
  3. I went through the J. Jill site the other day (my favorite place to buy clothes), and put four items in my shopping bag . . . and that’s where they still are. I need some new warm weather clothing, but I still can’t bring myself to buy anything this year.
  4. YaYu took leftovers every day for her lunch.
  5. The group sponsoring the trip to China that YaYu will be on this summer recommended students bring $300 – $400 in yuan along for spending money. We asked YaYu how much she wanted to bring and she said $100 – “I know what things cost there. I’m not planning on buying anything other than street food.” That’s our girl!

What frugal wins did you have this week?