Five Frugal Things: 5/19/2017

  1. Instead of paying to park when we picked up WenYu at the airport on Tuesday evening, Brett dropped YaYu and me off at the terminal, and then waited in the cell phone lot until WenYu was off the plane and had her luggage. Savings = $5.00.
  2. Brett and I limited ourselves to just two items when we got together with Renee and friends last Saturday for lunch at Street Burger. I ordered a bacon-blue cheese burger, which I split with Brett, and he ordered the Texas Poutine (otherwise known as fancy chili fries). We drank water instead of ordering beverages off the menu, and our bill came to just $24. Brett brought home over half of the poutine as well as the fries that came with my burger, and those leftovers provided dinner for him and YaYu that evening, and lunch again for Brett the next day.
  3. The big roast chickens from Costco, at $4.99 each, are the best deal around. We bought two of them this month: one is in the fridge and is being used for meals this week, and Brett stripped the meat off the second one, which went into the freezer for meals in the future. We’ll get seven main dishes and lots of chicken salad for sandwiches from the two chickens for less than $10.
  4. We cut back our weekly farmers’ market budget from $20 to $15, because we’ve discovered that we can still get an awful lot of beautiful produce for that amount. Also, now that the heat and humidity are with us again produce has the potential to spoil faster, and we don’t like to keep any more than a week’s worth of produce on hand, even if it’s in the fridge.
  5. We received word this week that YaYu’s round-trip flight to and from the Honolulu airport in June for her trip to China will be covered by the organization sponsoring the tour, a savings of $160 (or 15,000 frequent flyer miles, which is how we were going to purchase the tickets). YaYu and one other girl from Kaua’i are the only two students not already living on Oahu, and the organization did not think it was right that they had to pay more than others in the group to make the trip.

What frugal wins did you have this week?

7 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things: 5/19/2017

  1. Those are some great wins! You inspired me to get a Costco rotisserie chicken last weekend, and we loved it. We have the leftovers in the freezer for another easy meal. In terms of frugal wins, lots of home repairs on our cars (courtesy of my husband) & general household stuff on my part (making meals at home, saving shoes that we thought were beyond repair after science camp, etc).


    1. The Costco chickens are delicious too – so many ways you can use them! We are always amazed at the amount of meat we get off of them – they really are an amazing deal (so are the $1.50 hot dogs from the food court, but we don’t eat those).

      You and your husband do a fantastic job of saving. Sometimes people sneer at the little things, but it’s those things that allow us to do the BIG things we need or want to do.


  2. I live alone so I only buy one Costco chicken and can get 4 or 5 meals out of it. I just bought one on Wednesday and had it for dinner that night and last night and will make something for lunch using it today. The only problem is after about the third meal I start to get tired of chicken! Last night I added it to this Teriyaki noodle stir fry they also sell at Costco and it was delicious! I might have that again tonight.


    1. You can take the meat off the bones and freeze it for later meals – we get tired of it too after a few days. Back on the mainland I would also save the bones for soup or broth, but it’s just too hot here to do that (we have soup only two or three times a year).

      I have not seen the teriyaki noodle stir fry – sounds like something we would like. I think Costco does a good job on their prepared meals – I am looking forward to not having to cook every night once the girls are all off to college, and Brett and I think we’ll buy some of those meals and divide them up and freeze them to last over several meals.


  3. Good frugal wins for you! My frugal wins that I wrote on my blog this past week: 1) Went to see visual arts exhibitions free to the public 2) Had a cappuccino with a friend instead of lunch or dinner 3) Attended a piano and violin recital also free to the public 4) Drink water daily 5) Did not waste any food.


  4. We’ve had good luck on the pet front lately. Our dog’s food was 20% off, so we stocked up and we also had a punch card that was full, so we got a free bag and only had to pay tax on it. Great savings, since he has allergies and eats food that’s WAY too expensive. 🙂

    Could not find DH’s cereal on sale, but found two boxes (it’s often sold out) and when I checked out, my frequent user card offered me $3 (they randomly do this), so I paid $2.50/box for a $4 cereal.

    Like you, I shopped online and left several things in my shopping cart, so no spending at that website. So far. Ha!

    Found a category of $.99 movie rentals in iTunes last night that I didn’t know existed. Watched The Company Men. It was good, although a bit depressing if you’ve spent any time in the corporate world of mergers and downsizing.

    Brought my own water bottle to a potluck this week instead of buying one.



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