A Few More Clues

Here’s a picture of somewhere we’re not going!

A friend asked me the other day if I could give her even some small clues about where Brett and I will be going on our BIG Mystery Adventure™ next year and what we’ll be doing. After some thought, and talking with Brett, here are the clues I gave her:

  • We will be leaving right after we take YaYu to college in 2018. Depending on what school she ends up attending, that could be in either August or September.
  • We will be taking at least four plane flights after we leave YaYu.
  • The trip will cost a bit more than $7000, which is our savings goal for this year. We haven’t set a firm goal for next year but will again be saving all we can before departing. We have also set one other savings-oriented goal, but it’s a secret for now.

And, here are three clues that I’ve already dropped in the blog:

  • We will be needing large suitcases versus traveling with carry-on only.
  • We will be transitioning seasons.
  • The word BIG is in the name.

I actually can’t wait to share the details, but won’t until spring of next year, which is when we plan to start making the actual reservations for our journey. Still, we’re only looking at around 15 months out until we’ll be on our way, and if the past is predictive that will be on us faster than we can imagine.

Any guesses?

23 thoughts on “A Few More Clues

  1. Laurel says:

    I’m guessing South America. Seems large enough to encompass several climates and definitely requires multiple plane rides to get there.


  2. UnwrittenLifeBlog says:

    Great Britain?

    I’m thinking you’ll have to fly from Kaua’i to Oahu, then Oahu to the West Coast-ish, then another flight to wherever YaYu goes to school. And then one more flight to your final destination?

    And without looking at the weather, I’m assuming it may be nice but getting cool – and the U.S. will definitely still be warm.

    So? 😉

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    • Laura says:

      I chose Portuguese because I wanted to try something a bit more difficult than Spanish, but familiar enough that I wouldn’t get discouraged. Much as I enjoyed Portuguese, I’m actually studying a different language now (which I won’t reveal because it would give it away).


    • Laura says:

      Oooh – Mozambique! Not where we are going though. There are several Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa.

      As I said above, I’m now learning a different language, but can’t reveal at this time.

      (Loved getting to meet you and your husband earlier this month! Hope the rest of your visit went well).


  3. tpol1 says:

    I think it’s Brazil if BIG is in the name and if you are learning Portugese. Brazil means a BIG three-sided nut with an edible kernel.

    Besides, since it is in the southern hemisphere, the season will be just the opposite of what it will be in the US.

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    • Laura says:

      Very good guess, but sadly it’s not Brazil. Brazilian Portuguese is a bit different from European Portuguese (which I’m guessing is also different from African Portuguese). I read that European Portuguese speakers can understand the Brazilian variation, but that Brazilians who go to Portugal have a bit more trouble understanding what’s being said.


  4. Vicky says:

    Ok now I am extremely puzzled trying to work out where you are going. I don’t think it is Australia because you can fly direct there from Hawaii so doubt if you would go the mainland then onto Oz from there. You have mentioned before about wanting to go to Botswana and that would fit the 4 flights but the language aspect does not fit. However if we focus on the Portugese we could think Portugal which would take you 4 flights but not sure where the BIG comes into it. Portugal would be a great choice though, it’s one of those vastly undervalued countries with fabulous food and people. Does the BIG refer to a sight you are going to see like London and Big Ben? However the transition of seasons is confusing as August/September in Europe will likely all be moderate weather with no requirement of check in luggage. So to transition weather won’t that mean being in a larger country and perhaps going far north and then far south. Hmm will be pondering this one for a while.


    • Laura says:

      Loved reading our musings, but so far you’ve haven’t figured it out. I think it will probably take a few more clues along the way before anyone can guess, although they’ve all been good ones today.

      Botswana is still very high on my bucket list, although cost-wise I think it may only remain a dream – we will see. If I set my mind to to it, we might someday be able to save enough.


  5. Vicky says:

    I did consider Alaska because the airport code BIG refers to an Alaskan airport and that would explain the requirement for a suitcase and weather transition.


    • Laura says:

      Lucky Brett was able to visit many of those places, courtesy of the navy (on port visits) – lots I’d like to see there as well, but think we could do it with carry-ons.


    • Laura says:

      I actually have never made a bucket list, mainly because where I want to go and see changes all the time. Many places I wanted to visit just a couple of years ago have dropped off or down the list, and others have taken their place. That being said, India is very high on my list of places I want to visit, as is Botswana (photo safari). I’ve always wanted to visit the Cinque Terre in Italy, and visit all over Great Britain and Ireland because that’s where my ancestors came from. Brett’s list varies quite a bit from mine – he’s visited lots more places than I have thanks to the navy, and there are places he’d like to go again that are not high on my list (Mombasa, Kenya, for example).

      But, maybe I should try to come up with a list!


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