Five Frugal Things 5/26/2017

  1. We drank lots of sun tea, and filled our Brita pitcher over and over and over for filtered water. I was curious to know how much we save by making homemade iced sun tea so I priced it out: a big glass is just three cents.
  2. We cooked every meal at home, and had no food waste except for a small bit of fresh basil, which went brown overnight and had to be tossed.
  3. It’s been raining almost every night for the past couple of months, unlike in February and March when it stayed pretty dry, so we turned off the automatic sprinklers in our yard (our lease requires us to keep the lawn watered). Our water bill dropped an amazing $57 last month, and the lawn looks terrific.
  4. Other than a trip to Costco for gas and our weekly trip to the farmers’ market (money already set aside for both) we had another no spend week.
  5. We put $21.33 in our change/$1 bill jar in the past two weeks: $6.13 change from our big shop; $5.50 left over from trips to the farmers’ market, $7.12 left over after paying our annual car registration, and $2.58 from recycling bottles and cans. Small amounts, but they all add up!

What frugal things did you do this week?

4 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 5/26/2017

  1. I made shorts out of jeans that were too big, and requested credit on Alaska Airlines for now cheaper flights, for a credit of $156. I’ll use the $156 to offset the cost of my flight to Portland for a relay in August.

    LOVE sun tea. I need to make some. 🙂


    1. Great save with the shorts – perfect for around the house. I am constantly impressed by the frugal choices you (and your husband) make – I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas.

      We’re making green tea sun tea now – very refreshing.


  2. I donated to Goodwill, making an itemized list for tax purposes first. While I was at Goodwill I found two professional summer tops, so I snapped those right up! It is very difficult to find quality work items in my plus size.

    I had to pull out the calculator, but the $21 you put into the change jar would be almost $1100 if you could do that weekly for a year…..or 16% of The Mystery Vacation!!


    1. I wish we could pull off $20 per week in change! Some weeks are better than others, but we usually end up at somewhere between $700 to $800. One year we did manage to put away over $1000, but have never been able to repeat that.

      We have thrift stores on the island, but I really miss having Goodwill stores like there were in Portland.


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