This Week’s Menu: Zoodles & Snacks

Oodles of zoodles roasted, cut, cooled and ready for our salad!

First, a quick review of the spiralizer I bought: I love it! After researching many spiralizers, I chose the Oxo Goodgrips handheld tool for both cost ($14.95) and packability – it can fit right into our suitcase whenever we travel and have the opportunity to prepare some of our own meals. The blades are very sharp, so it made quick work of several zucchini, a carrot and a cucumber. It was also very easy to clean, and takes up almost no room in the cupboard. I’m looking forward to spiralizing again and again with my simple little green machine!

The Oxo Good Grips handheld spiralizer

While Brett is more of a “grazer,” throughout the day, with small bites of a variety of things, I am not all that big on snacking. Still, I do get hungry in between meals and once I went low-carb I had to completely rethink what I could have for snacks. It was initially a bit difficult to come up with ideas as I didn’t want to load up on cheese or other high fat/high cholesterol foods, and I knew if I also didn’t develop some sort of variety I would be doomed. Also, lots of low carb, healthy alternatives, like nuts, were expensive, and because I already eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, more of those as snacks didn’t seem very appetizing or satisfying. Initially snacks consisted of two, sometimes three, spoonfuls of peanut butter every day, just because I love it. Through some trial and error, these days I’m enjoying a better variety of snacks while keeping costs down:

  • Nuts: Unsalted cashews are my favorite, but I also like mixed nuts and macadamias. I have a couple of tablespoons of nuts every afternoon even though they’re expensive. Just a few though are very satisfying.
  • Peanut butter: I still love the stuff, but am down to one spoonful a day, usually before my evening exercise, for some energy.
  • Beef jerky: I eat the organic, plain variety from Costco – it’s chewy and even a small amount takes a while to eat so it’s satisfying. One bag lasts for almost a month.
  • Fruit: I eat fruit at both breakfast and lunch, and often for dessert in the evening, but my favorite “snack fruit” right now are frozen sweet dark cherries from Costco – they’re very satisfying, healthy (lots of antioxidants) and refreshing when it’s hot. I have between a half cup to a cup every day.

What are your favorite low-carb, low-starch snacks? I would love any and all suggestions!

In the meantime, here’s what’s on the menu this week:

  • Tuesday (this evening): Leftovers (it’s just Brett and me)
  • Wednesday: Club sandwiches with chicken; potato chips (I’ll have a salad with the chicken, tomatoes, cheese and bacon) – it’s just Brett and me at dinner
  • Thursday: Grilled lemon chicken; grilled vegetable skewers
  • Friday: Leftovers (just the two of us again)
  • Saturday: Chinese 3-color salad with chicken and zoodles (I can finally eat the whole salad!)
  • Sunday: Breakfast for dinner: pancakes; sausages; fruit (just sausage and fruit for me)
  • Monday: Slow cooker barbecue pulled pork sandwiches; coleslaw (no bread for me)

We’ll be getting lots of zucchini again at the farmers’ market, along with tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, papayas, and mangoes. Broccoli has still been showing up, so I’d like to get some more of that as well.


11 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: Zoodles & Snacks

  1. When it is hot, I like to use my nutri-ninja to make “sorbet” or “icecream”. I would take a cup of so of your frozen cherries there, add a frozen banana, and some almond milk, and whizz it up. I can always add in yoghurt, too.

    Right now it is winter here and I love an apple with peanut butter spread on it. But have you tried peanut butter powder? It is amazing. You can add some water to make it back into a peanut butter but with way less calories and fat etc. I personally love it in my smoothies.

    The apple thing sent me into making stewed apples with maple syrup and cinnamon, which I add to yoghurt.

    There is a nut company here that makes wasabi seaweed macadamias, they are amazing. I also like chicken cold from the fridge. Pickled onions, olives, carrot sticks, hommus, these are some of my faves. 😉


    1. I love smoothies, but they’re more like a meal to me than a snack – I guess I could try smaller. I too love apples with peanut butter, but apples are out of season and have become quite expensive, even at Costco. But, we should see peaches soon, and melon prices should come down as well, so there is hope for some delicious summer fruits to tide me over.

      And, I want some of those wasabi-seaweed macadamias!! I love wasabi, and the combination with seaweed sounds fabulous!


    1. Another reader recommended doing it – I roasted that big pan of zoodles for 15 minutes at 350 degrees, and they came out cooked, but not soggy, perfect for the salad. I think I would add another five minutes if I were roasting them for a ‘pasta’ dish.

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  2. One of my favorite snacks is carrots & hummus, or cold watermelon. Yum. We are having a heat wave here (it was 102 over the weekend) & we don’t have air conditioning, so I’m currently exploring no cooking menu options. Last night we had paninis. We’ll see what I can cobble together tonight.


    1. Hmmmm – I hadn’t thought about hummus. We buy big bags of baby carrots at Costco, and the hummus would be a nice addition. Watermelons are here, but are expensive. I still plan to get one this week – I am ready for some melon!

      I hear you on the no-cooking menu options! We are doing lots of sandwiches, salads and grilling these days.


  3. I’m diabetic so I try to reduce my carbs as much as possible. For snacks I’ll do greek yogurt, cottage cheese with berries or melon on it, a snack plate (pickles, veggies (carrots, cucumbers, snow peas/snap peas), some nuts(almonds, walnuts, etc), some deli meat/pepperoni, with something sweet as well (usually fruit). I’ll also do veggies and guacamole…far better for you than chips, and you still get the guacamole!


    1. Many of your snacks are what I have for meals! I often have Green yogurt for breakfast with berries (and a very small sprinkle of granola), and lunches are often more of a snack plate with veggies, cheese (about 2 oz.), deli meat and fruit.

      I LOVE guacamole, and avocados are plentiful here. That’s definitely going to become an addition to meals/snacks (I’ve never been all that fond of corn or other chips).


  4. Can you tell me how you cooked the zoodles? Did you pat out moisture before roasting them? For how long did you cook them and at what temperature? I’d love to make some. 😊


    1. I roasted the big pan of zoodles at 350 degrees for 15 minutes (I stirred them up after 10 minutes) – they were still slightly crunchy, so perfect for the salad. If I were doing them as a pasta substitute I would cook them longer, maybe another five minutes or so.

      The zucchini wasn’t watery at all but the cucumber was so I probably won’t add that to the salad next time. The zucchini alone would have been delicious. The carrots added a lovely bit of crispness – I had hoped to add daikon radish, but we couldn’t find any at the farmers’ market.


      1. Thank you! Sounds wonderful! I’ll definitely try them. I love radishes in all their varieties.


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