Five Frugal Things 8/11/2017

Fried okra
  1. Eddie Bauer had a 40% off sale last weekend, so we went ahead and bought YaYu her suitcases for college next year. She already has a small rolling duffel, so we bought the extra large and medium size duffles to complete the set. Full price for the two additional pieces was $478, but with the discount we paid $286.80, a savings of $191.20. Shipping was free.
  2. Our favorite farmer gave us a bundle of okra this week when we bought our other produce – I’m going to make fried okra tomorrow to go with our cheeseburgers, and will save the onion rings for later.
  3. I realized we did not have cashews for Thursday’s chicken dish, or cornmeal for tomorrow’s fried okra. Rather than change the menu, buy a package of cornmeal that might spoil before we used it again, or buy an expensive container of cashews, Brett stopped at the natural foods store when he was running errands on Thursday and bought just the amount needed of each from the bulk bins – total cost: $2.16.
  4. Three days this past week WenYu was given burritos from the restaurant where she works to bring home, each a $14.95 value. They had been made for someone else but not needed, and were offered to her at the end of her shift. YaYu took one for lunch on Wednesday, and has another one in her lunch today. Brett ate the third one for lunch over the past two days.
  5. We put $21.02 into the change/$1 bill jar. Although we got back $23.18 total – $7.09 from a return we did at Costco, $9.76 change from our cable bill, $2.73 from recycling, $3.50 from the farmers’ market, and 10¢ found on the ground – Brett spent $2.16 of the change on the cornmeal and cashews.

What frugal wins did you have this week?



5 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 8/11/2017

  1. We just arrived in Madrid this morning. I did a quick post on my blog. A glorious day here so far. Frugal wins: 1) We took the metro from the airport to the city centre where we are staying. Ticket was 4.8€ per person. Clean, comfortable ride that took 25 minutes with one metro transfer. Taxi ride would cost 3 times or more and may not be as quick in rush hour. 2) Breakfast included in the room rate. We ate other meals where the locals eat – no tourist prices there. 3) Tap water is safe to drink here so we fill our reusable water bottles for our walk. 4) We walk to explore the city. 5) Some of the major sights have free admission on certain days or times. The San Miguel market is a wonderful and inexpensive place to experience.


    1. So glad you arrived safe and sound and are already having a wonderful time!

      Everything you highlighted are great, frugal travel tips – thanks!


    1. I think I would start coloring my hair again if I had a friend who could do it for less. My last colorist thanked me (and the other women who had their hair colored) for putting his kids through college – he charged a fortune!


  2. Yeah, the prices are ridiculous. If I could do it myself, I would, but I wear glasses and can’t see well enough without them to do it. I’m hoping my friend will do it again in the future!


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