One Year To Go!

Just a little over a year from now YaYu will be going off to college, and after we have her settled Brett and I will be setting out on our Big Mystery Adventure™.

One year to go! While we’re on track financially and otherwise right now, there is still much to be done, and as we have learned from past experience time is going to fly by, not just because we are going somewhere, but because we have goals to accomplish and a deadline to meet, along with so much going on around us.

As exciting as the thought upcoming travel is, getting YaYu through her senior year, helping her get her college and scholarship applications finished and sent off in time, getting her to practices, meets and testing on time, and guiding her to the eventual soft landing of graduation next May is our main priority, and is going to keep us very involved and busy.

We also have to get through the holidays, and next year’s birthdays, which come right after Christmas. We’ve already met our savings goal for Christmas, and bought our college girls their tickets home, but whether our son and family will be joining us this year remains up in the air. Our son has said if they don’t come for Christmas, then they should be here for spring break next year. It’s always busy and crazy and expensive when the whole family is together, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

The only “unknown” right now is if we’ll be able to renew our lease this fall. Our landlord has told Brett several times that we are welcome to stay in this house as long as we like, and so Brett’s not worried about this at all. However, our landlord is terminally ill, and depending on how that plays out things could change, so I admit to being a tiny bit nervous. We’re going to ask at the beginning of next month about renewal (our current one expires at the end of October) because if there is going to be a change we need a couple of months notice to start looking for a new place and all that entails.

During this coming year there is going to be a lot more saving to do, as well as plans to finalize, reservations to be made, clothes and other necessary items to buy, and so forth. The schedule for all of this will pick up after the first of the year, but time will be moving even faster at that point. We can’t start making actual reservations until we know where YaYu will be going to school, and when she has to be there, but we should have that information no later than the end of March next year.

At the end of all of this though Brett and I will be taking a BIG, wonderful trip. Just one year to go – I almost can’t believe it!





8 thoughts on “One Year To Go!

  1. Hawaii Planner says:

    How exciting! You guys are in a fabulous phase. We are just starting middle school & finishing elementary school this year (one 5th grader, one 6th grader). Sam rode his bike with a friend to middle school today, & it involves serious road biking. TERRIFIED!

    A senior year is so exciting – so happy for all of you.


    • Laura says:

      Have been thinking about you all this week and wondering when did the CA school year begin starting in August?

      The switch to middle school is a big one – and signals big changes ahead, mental, emotional and physical. Hang in there!


      • Hawaii Planner says:

        I have no idea! It’s been starting in mid-August since we moved here 4 years ago.

        And yes- the change between last year & this year is already quite marked. It started probably in May, as 5th grade was wrapping up. The friendships have changed, the
        push for independence, definitely some more maturity, etc. It’s been quite an adjustment for all of us, & just the beginning I suspect!


  2. isabella says:

    It sounds like it will be a very eventful year. We have been empty nesters for a long time now. (I was 43 and Hubby was 45. I am now 65. Yes, we were young parents of four children!) Sometimes, I feel that it concluded so quickly. Life has a way of doing that.

    Wonderful that you have helped your children navigate the terrain from high school to college. Our experience, too, was that they need a lot of guidance!

    When will you reveal your trip destination?


    • Laura says:

      We would have been empty nesters in our early- to mid-40s if we hadn’t adopted the girls. We were not ready to be done with parenting, and so here we are in our mid 60s, with one more to go.

      YaYu will be the most challenging to get through the college application process, but we’ll get there. She needs a lot of guidance but doesn’t want to admit it, and sometimes bristles at suggestions or reminders of things she needs to do.

      I think we’re looking at right after the first of next year for the big reveal!


  3. JJ says:

    My oldest nephew is leaving for college next week. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed. It seems like it flew by. He ran cross country and track and it’s going to be strange this year not having those meets to go to. I’m really going to miss it. Enjoy every moment of this final year!


  4. vivian says:

    Sorry to hear about you landlord. Have you given any more thought to purchasing a home or is that completely off the table?
    Can’t wait to hear the destination for your big trip?


    • Laura says:

      Yes, it’s very sad about our landlord – he’s a nice guy, and easy to deal with. He’s been in and out of the hospital, but he’s still hanging on.

      We have no plans to buy until the girls are out of school. Our upcoming trip is going to help ease us into finally being empty-nesters. We’re really looking forward to it!


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