Five Frugal Things 8/18/2017

As usual, we did most of our big shop at Costco.

This week it’s mostly felt like all we did was hold the line . . .

  1. WenYu received an email on Tuesday from Hotmail letting her know that a scheduling problem had come up with her winter break itinerary. It took five tries and five different agents, but we finally got a new itinerary that worked for WenYu and did not involve any extra cost or inconvenience.
  2. There was a container of chicken broth in the refrigerator that needed to be used, so I put it in the slow cooker along with odds and ends of vegetables I found in the crisper and some chicken I found in the freezer, and we ended up with a delicious chicken soup instead of leftovers for our dinner this past weekend. No waste, and the fridge got a good clean out!
  3. We skated right up to the edge of our budget with the big shop, and were only able to get two of our planned stock-up items. We realize this is going to take a bit more work to get right. Still, we are well set for the rest of the month.
  4. We drank loads of filtered tap water and made pitchers of sun tea this past week. Both are refreshing, and don’t cost anything to make or enjoy.
  5. We put $7.29 into the change/$1 bill jar this week: $3.00 left over from the farmers’ market, $3.70 left after the big shop, and 59¢ that WenYu donated to the cause.

What frugal wins did you have this week?



4 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 8/18/2017

  1. It was a pretty standard week for us. I cancelled a fee based credit card, as Costco no longer takes Amex & we weren’t getting value out of the rewards. I made dinners, used leftovers, line dried the majority of our clothes, and swapped some of my savings to a higher yield account.

    Sounds like a good week for you as well!


    1. It felt more like just an OK week, but there were still savings to be had.

      We never got the Costco Amex, nor do we use a Visa card there now. I know the Amex card provided another rebate, but it was just another card I didn’t want to deal with.


  2. We are spending a good amount of change on our new-to-us coastal home, so we are taking advantage of all the wonderful free things our new area has to offer; walks to the coast, concerts in the park, surfing festivals, BBQs and eating outside in glorious weather, pool, beach, biking, and whatever else comes along!


    1. That’s what being frugal is all about: save on some things so you can spend on other things you want to do. All your free activities are things we enjoy doing here on Kaua’i!


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