#Kaua’i: Kaua’i Mini Golf

Set inside a beautiful botanical garden on Kaua’i north shore, inside the Anaina Hou Community Park, is the challenging but fun 18-hole Kaua’i Mini-Golf Course. Playing a round there can also be a learning experience because as you play you move through not only different types of garden areas, but also different eras of Hawaiian and Kaua’i history.

There were many cool and shady areas throughout the course . . .
. . . and the landscaping was gorgeous.

On the last Sunday of each month the course is free for kamaaina (locals), so in late July Brett, WenYu, YaYu and headed headed north to Kilauea to check it out. I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but ended up having a very fun time. Because the course is inside a botanical park, it was a cool way to spend an other wise HOT afternoon. This free day was the long-time policy of the course’s creator as a way of giving back to the community, and the current owners have honored the founder’s wishes that Kamaaina Day continue each month (he passed away a few years ago). Visitors to the island are also allowed to play on the last Sunday, but are asked to wait until spots open up between kamaaina groups.

Brett prepares to tee off – that’s a sand trap on top of the bridge in front, and there’s a hole off to the left that can put the ball into the water underneath.
Another hole that looks easy but wasn’t.
One of the many beautiful water traps – three of the four of us had to retrieve our balls from this pond.

The course looks deceptively simple at first, but it’s actually quite challenging. There are no spinning windmills or dinosaurs to drive your ball through, but besides the lush landscaping there are loads of sand traps and water features. Nets are provided at many holes so that you can retrieve your ball from the water traps (the balls float). We gave up counting after a while how many times our balls went into the water, but took our extra strokes and played on.

Signs detailing aspects of Hawaiian history are placed throughout the course.
One of the many signs with botanical information.

One of the best features in the park are the signs informing guests about the different plants found throughout the course, and there are also signs at several holes about different parts of Hawaiian history, beginning with the earliest arrivals to the islands. We’re those people who stop to read the signs, so we learned a lot!

The snack bar double as the beginning and ending point for the course.

There is a terrific snack bar at the end of the course, and food is cooked to order. The girls proclaimed the loco moco they ordered and shared to be the best on the island.

The waterfall at the 18th hole
YaYu gets ready to tee off at the 18th hole – she was a skilled golfer
Brett sinks his last putt at the 18th hole – he had the lowest score of the day.

Brett and YaYu turned out to be skilled mini-golf players; Wen Yu and I, not so much. But we all agreed it was worth the trip north, and a fun activity we would recommend to any visitor to the island. The Anaina Hou Park, where the course is located, is also home to the Wai’koa Loop Trail, Banana Joe’s market (and those very tasty banana frosties), and the Kaua’i chocolate tour.

Cost for playing the course is $18.50 for adults, $15 for 11-17 year olds, $11 for 5-10 year old. Under four years is free. Seniors, military and Hawaii residents receive a discount with ID, and Kaua’i residents can play for free on the last Sunday of the month.




6 thoughts on “#Kaua’i: Kaua’i Mini Golf

  1. I love this post. I’m sure anyone travelling to Kaua’i will find this to be useful info! I know whenever I travel I google things I want to do and when I find posts like this I am so thrilled.

    Now I am thinking about what local attractions I could write about! 😉


    1. Thanks! This turned out to be a surprisingly fun activity, and it’s being free (for us) was an added bonus. There are a couple more local things I wasn’t to try now that I had sort of dismissed before.

      I look up local activities whenever we go somewhere too – you can learn about things you might not consider otherwise.


    1. It is a lovely course – there’s none of the “kitsch” that is often found a mini-golf courses.

      I’ve already got you and others squarely in my thoughts and prayers as Irma gets ever closer. Stay safe, Vivian – the same wishes to your parents.


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