This Week’s Menu: Not Feelin’ It

I prep the ingredients, but YaYu always makes the fried rice for us these days

This is one of those weeks that when it comes to menu planning I just feel meh. We’re coming up on another Big Shop next week, which means supplies on hand are dwindling and it’s a bit more difficult to be inspired or creative.

Plus, YaYu’s sulking about several of last week’s dinners hasn’t helped my mood either. She now nearly refuses to eat chicken – this from a girl who adored chicken and could field strip a chicken bone like no one else when she arrived home 12 years ago. I told her that chicken would continue to show up on the menu because her dad and I both like it, and it’s an affordable protein. If she had her way these days though we’d be eating nothing but pork and noodles doused in a LOT of hot sauce, and maybe some seafood occasionally. I don’t know how she’s going to manage at college.

The new swim practice schedule is also going to take some getting used to when it comes to preparing dinner (thankfully though we don’t observe Daylight Savings here). We won’t be getting home until nearly six in the evening, which means I’ll need to start doing a lot of the prep work earlier in the day, and we’ll need to start the rice cooker before we leave for our walk and to pick up YaYu.

Here’s what we’re having for dinner this week:

  • Tuesday (this evening): Lumpia; steamed rice; Asian-y coleslaw (no rice for me)
  • Wednesday: Chicken tacos; yellow rice; cucumbers (I’ll have a “deconstructed” taco, i.e. no tortilla. No rice either for me).
  • Thursday: Grilled Polish sausages; grilled zucchini; pilaf (I’m skipping the pilaf)
  • Friday: Fried rice with vegetables & ham (not sure what I’ll be having)
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs; bacon; toast; fruit (I’m skipping the toast)
  • Monday: Pork & pepper stir-fry; steamed rice (no rice for me)

We’ll need cucumbers, tomatoes; zucchini, and a papaya from the farmers’ market. I’m hoping to also get a green pepper or two (to supplement what we have on hand), but they’re not always available. Dragonfruit is still in season, and YaYu likes it in her lunch so we’ll probably pick up a couple of those as well.

P.S. Brett and YaYu will be taking over the cooking duties for a while – explanation coming tomorrow!





4 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: Not Feelin’ It

  1. Picky eaters are hard to please. I started staying away from chicken lately because they say the birds are stuffed with antibiotics and pumped up by hormones so that, they get fat quicker than normal and that they are not healthy. I occasionally buy organic chicken which is way too expensive. I like fish so, while they are in season, I eat fresh fish not the farmed kind.


    1. We’re lucky that we can buy both antibiotic-free chicken and wild-caught fish here at Costco. I won’t buy farmed fish, and I’m careful about the chicken we eat too.

      YaYu was not a picky eater when she was young. This has all come about in the past couple of years. It’s frankly maddening. I try to accommodate her tastes as much as possible, but Brett and I like a wider variety of foods, and I won’t prepare special meals just for her (mean mom).


  2. I laughed when reading this, because Nick exasperated me last night. He was home late from soccer, so I was scrambling to get things sorted for dinner. I had separate pasta & meatballs for him (Sam & I were eating lasagna), but I heated the pasta & meatballs in the same pot. Some meatball “sauce” got on the pasta. His face! He didn’t say anything (he’s learned), but he picked at his dinner, generating waste.

    If it were up to him, we’d have plain pasta (tossed with olive oil & parmesan cheese) every night for dinner. With. .. Costco meatballs. 😉 It was also his nomination for our Thanksgiving meal.


    1. YaYu is not as picky as your Nick, but she’s getting there. It’s all happened the past couple of years too. She does eat everything I fix, but lets me know she doesn’t like it or wishes I had prepared something else. I think college and what the dining halls offer going to be eye opening for her, although she’s already talking about the cooking equipment she’s taking with her so she can prepare her own meals. Yeah, right. Teenagers!!!


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