This Week’s Menu: Lots o’ Links

Slow cooker balsamic pork roast – the leftovers make wonderful sandwiches.

It wasn’t intentional, but I realized after I made this week’s menu that other than our dinner tonight I could link to all but one of the dishes I’m fixing for dinner this week (there are recipes online for lumpia of course, but we buy ours ready-made at Costco).

Of all the benefits of being connected on the Internet, having access to so many recipes has been one of the biggest and most wonderful. For years I clipped recipes and filed them in notebooks, and then had to remember which notebook they were in and where. No longer though – these days I can do a quick Google search or go to my bookmarks and voilà! I’m ready to go!

Plus, there’s all the fun of searching for new recipes, whether that’s on your own or on Pinterest or other sites. If you have dietary restrictions, or want low-fat or low-calorie or low-anything, you can find it. If you want the most decadent recipe around you can find that too. Is your food stock getting low? There are sites where you can put in what you have on hand and be rewarded with several recipes using those ingredients.

I carry lots of recipes in my head, ones I’ve made for years and don’t need a recipe any more. But I have to admit I’d be lost without the Internet these days, and all the wonderful recipes I’ve discovered there.

Here’s what we’re having this week:

We’ll need to get broccoli, bok choy, cucumbers, ginger, bananas, papayas and hopefully more rambutan from the farmers’ market this week, but otherwise we’re in good shape for produce.


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: Lots o’ Links

  1. I love that paella recipe! I normally have tons of fresh tomatoes from the garden & enjoy making it, but this year we had tomato fails, so we didn’t end up with much. Bummer – I may have to see what I can find at the produce stand, now that you’ve reminded me. 🙂


    1. We have enjoyed that paella recipe for years, and using fresh picked, home-grown tomatoes takes it to a whole new level. We can get tomatoes at the farmers’ market here, but I will say that tomatoes really are not a great crop here in Hawai’i. If we see tomatoes on the vine at Costco, we’ll usually get those (which is why there are two recipes using tomatoes this week). I’m allowing myself a quarter cup of the paella because I love it so much.


  2. We bought a huge pork tenderloin and cut it up for (maybe) 8 or 10 meals (chops, etc.). I have a roast left in the freezer and I’m going to try to that crockpot recipe. It looks great.


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