Five Frugal Things 12/1/2017

I’m looking forward to finding out how much we saved in our change/$1 bill jar this year!
  1. A new phone for Brett has been high on our list of needed things (his old one was six-plus years old and on its last legs). We had not intended to do any shopping over Black Friday weekend except for a few local items on sale at Costco, but we ended up taking advantage of a special offer while we were there and purchased Brett a new iPhone7. T-Mobile at Costco had the phone on sale for $499 with an additional $50 off last Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the regular price for the phone is $649). Because T-Mobile (finally) has a presence on the island, the changeover from his old phone was easy and there were no additional fees (i.e. activation, etc.) so our monthly bill will remain the same. We also purchased a case and glass screen protector at Costco for less than we would have paid from Amazon or Walmart.
  2. The price for the pork tenderloin roasts at Costco had gone up a bit this year from last, and there were only a few left when we shopped last Saturday, but I found one 8.68# roast and with $8 off the total price was $10.88 ($1.25  vs. $2.18 per pound). We now have three two-pound roasts waiting for us in the freezer (I made balsamic pork roast with the fourth one this past week).
  3. I redeemed some of my Swagbucks earnings for another $250 Southwest Airlines gift card last Wednesday.
  4. Our case of Scott recycled, 2-ply toilet paper arrived from Amazon this past week. At 59¢ per roll, it’s the best deal around.
  5. We put $2.50 into the change/$1 bill jar this week, our leftover from the farmers’ market.

What frugal wins did you have this past week?


4 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 12/1/2017

  1. 1. Wrapping one grandchild’s Christmas present with colorful Sunday comics and another present in a map. Trying to instill the love of travel early.
    2. Found we could purchase our cat food for 1/3 less, by the case, if we did it on line.
    3. I participate in an Angel Tree program every Christmas that provides gifts for the children of incarcerated men and women. I always want to buy out the store for them, but my friend insisted I stay within the rules, inadvertently saving me money, of course.
    4. My grandson is at a boarding school and I wanted to fill up an entire box with Christmas presents. The school limits the amount of gifts so other students won’t get their feelings hurt. I understand and am sending only one gift. Also inadvertently saving me money.
    5. Most of our favorite restaurants are selling gift cards this month with bonuses included. We always buy several and make the cards stretch for months.

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    1. I love all your savings!

      Isn’t it true that we often want to buy all the gifts, whether it’s for family or strangers, and yet the recipient is usually happy and thrilled with the one or two things we end up giving? And, it saves us money too.

      The restaurant gift cards are a good idea – I wish they did that here.


  2. Well done! I stocked up on non-perishable food items when they went on sale this week, for 30-50% less than the regular price. I received a $25 credit for completing an online post-trip survey that I can use towards my next travel tour + a $25 Shutterfly credit for photo gifts or customized holiday cards + a free personalized luggage tag + about $60 cash rewards from one of my credit cards.


    1. More great savings and lots of good deals.

      I am currently trying to figure out how much of a discount I can get off a pair of sandals I want for our trip. I found them on Amazon for nearly $20 less than on Zappos, but I know I can get that total lower if I try.


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