Five Frugal Things 12/8/2017

  1. I had a very lucrative month with Swagbucks in November, and earned 1,094 bonus SBs! I also purchased a $25 Zappos gift card this week for 2200 SB versus the regular price of 2,500 (the offer is available just once a month). The Zappos card will go toward another pair of travel shoes for Brett.
  2. I didn’t really think about it earlier, but other than our trips to the farmers’ market, the two weeks before this last one were no-spend. I did buy a couple of things from Amazon, but used some of my Swagbucks-earned gift card balance to pay for those, so there was nothing out-of-pocket.
  3. I purchased round trip tickets from Honolulu to Kaua’i for both Meiling’s and WenYu’s upcoming trips home. I found a lower-than-usual price for Meiling’s tickets, so paid cash for them, but because WenYu is coming home closer to Christmas prices were higher, so I used Hawaiian miles from my stash for her tickets. Both girls are flying Hawaiian over from the mainland this year, and the mileage they earn will replenish most of the miles I used.
  4. I am almost done putting together my travel wardrobe for next year, and have been looking for a long-ish skirt to take along, to wear when visiting cathedrals or participating in other activities where I might need to dress up a bit. This past week I found the three-season knit skirt pictured above on the J. Jill sale page: The regular price was $89, but it was on sale for $34.99 with an additional 30% off. The final price, including shipping, was $30.45.
  5. We put $9.32 into the change/$1 bill jar: $8.32 left over from the gas bill, and $1 left from the farmers’ market.

What frugal wins did you have this week?


8 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things 12/8/2017

  1. Love the skirt. Ever since you mentioned J. Jill on your site I have been looking at them a little closer. I am extremely impressed you could get your travel wardrobe all set almost a year in advance. I love clothes and would be continually adding to it right up to the last minute. I, of course, pack carefully for trips, times being what they are, but my husband and I have a standing joke that I would really like a couple of those gorgeous standing wardrobe trunks that you see in the old movies. But then I would probably need the lady’s maid to go with it, you know, to press my clothes and make sure all is ready. And then I would need a world of about 60 or 70 years ago when people dressed better for all occasions.

    As you can tell, I have a rich fantasy life. 😀


    1. There’s nothing wrong with your fantasy life! I already have some cool weather travel clothes (that I’ve taken to Japan), so it’s been a case now of filling in with some pieces. I haven’t bought a whole lot, but it’s a fun part of getting ready, figuring out what I might need and how much, especially since we’ll be living out of our suitcases for almost a year. We’ll focus on Brett’s stuff after the first of the year – he actually needs more than I do. Both of us have always packed light, so I hope we won’t overdo it this time.

      I have no idea why I never saw this skirt before, but I’m glad I didn’t because of the savings. J. Jill has been a favorite store for more than 20 years – I used to get their catalogs back when Brett was still in the navy. Their clothes are good quality and they last. I also like that they are designed to fit “mature” women (without being frumpy).


  2. J Jill clothes are so durable. And what a nice score for you! I love waiting for their sales once I see something I love but am unwilling to buck up for. 🙂


    1. Fingers are crossed that the skirt fits and looks OK. I never pay full price for anything from them – if I see something at full price I just bide my time because I know eventually it will go on sale (and then they’ll add things like an additional percentage off and/or free shipping, etc.).

      My clothes from J. Jill last for years. I get sick of them before they even begin to wear out.


  3. Love the skirt! My frugal wins are all travel optimization, as I was on a work trip this week. So, registered for a last minute Marriott promo, and ended up getting a free night (good for the next 6 months). I also used Uber gift cards that I bought with a grocery points reward. Will get reimbursed for that. Otherwise, stuck to the plan. Did skip the chicken sashimi in Japan. I had no idea that was a thing! 🙂


    1. Chicken sashimi? I can’t even. I did have beef sashimi once – very, very thinly sliced nearly frozen beef with a dipping sauce and it was delicious. But I could not do uncooked chicken.

      It sounds like you weren’t able to get out much or at all in either Japan or Korea. I know you’re there for work, but it would be nice if there could be one outing arranged.

      P.S. I still can’t comment on your blog. I’ve tried, but need the name/URL option to get in.


  4. Great savings, Laura! My frugal wins this week: 1) Saved 50% on our train tickets to Ottawa in January. It was a special sale that just came on. I paid by credit card and have a loyalty card with the rail company so I’ll earn points on both. 2) and 3) Got two separate $5 gift credits from two other loyalty programs. I didn’t expect them because I don’t shop often but they offered holiday perks to their members so both were nice surprises that I can use in the future (no expiry date).


    1. You always get some great savings! Great catch on the train fares, and for the loyalty cards too. I don’t shop enough to get loyalty cards from anyone – oh well.


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