January Goals

My crazy hair has got to go! We’re undecided about whether Brett should keep his hair long or not.

With all that’s coming up this year, trying to make a list of the many things we want and need to accomplish before we set off on the Big Adventure would be overwhelming, as well as a post too long to organize. So, I’ve instead decided this year to break down our goals month by month to make sure we can get them done. Initially the tasks shouldn’t be too overwhelming, but building on what we get done each month’s should help us avoid a deluge of last-minute craziness when it’s time to go next summer!

Here are our January goals:

  1. Put at least $900 into our travel savings.
  2. Clean off one set of shelves in the garage. Only things that will be sold at our moving sale next summer will remain or be placed on the shelves (the shelves have actually already been sold though!).
  3. Get my hair cut. I grew out my very curly (and frizzy) hair last year, mostly out of curiosity, but it’s driving me crazy now so it’s time to go back to short hair again. Brett may get his hair cut as well.
  4. Get Brett’s hearing aids. He’s already had his hearing tests done, and now just needs to be fitted for the actual appliances (will get this done at Costco).
  5. Have new glasses made with my updated prescription. I have the frames ordered (from RayBan); when they arrive I’ll get the glasses made at Costco. The prescription didn’t change too much so I will be able to carry my current glasses along as a back-up pair when we travel.
  6. Update our wills. YaYu turns 18 this month, so we no longer need to have a designated guardian for her, among other updates.

Besides prepping for the Big Adventure, the big theme here at Casa Aloha this year will be downsizing. One thing that will be happening every month is at least one bag of stuff will go to a local thrift store. We’d rather get as much as possible of this done up front so we’re not left with tons of stuff to get rid of right before we go.

I’ll post at the end of the month with how we did!


8 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. I like the idea of monthly goals instead of the “BIG” New Year’s resolutions, which I rarely carry through on. 😦 I always try to purge and clean things out in January after the holidays. This year I’m going to (again) go through my books and part with a few more. Our library sells used books, our local indie store will give me credit for the one they want, and I have to admit to myself that I can’t read everything on these shelves, although I love being surrounded by books.

    As well, this is my month to clean out my files and shred old receipts, bills, etc. I try to do that twice each year to keep them manageable. Oy.

    Costco is so good for glasses and hearing aids. My DH had his ears tested there and also tried two kinds of aids while walking around Costco. They didn’t help him, and the audiologist said he’s on the edge of needing them, so for now he’s just frustrated in loud environments (one of our favorite restaurants, etc.) but hearing aids won’t help much. Drat. I contend it’s selective hearing. haha

    Happy New Year! What a great year you’re going to have.


    1. The girls and I have known for some time that Brett needed hearing assistance (his hearing was damaged when he was in the navy, working around all those noisy jets for so many years, even with protection), and I would try to gently suggest that he get his hearing assessed, but I finally realized it was one of those things that he had to figure out for himself, which finally happened last year. The hearing test at Costco confirmed to him what the rest of us knew. For him though, he finally realized he was just missing too much. I think having hearing assistance is going to make a huge difference for him, especially when we travel.

      I used to be the annual Purger of Documents, but I passed that chore over to Brett when he retired. He plans to do it a month or so before we leave. It will be a big chore – I kept things lean and mean while he is more of a “save everything” sort of guy.

      So much to do before we go, but we will get it done! Happy New Year to you and yours as well!


  2. I love the monthly plan idea! I think that is a much more manageable way to check things off. Looking forward to hearing the update.


    1. I have a post coming up about all the lists we have started. Those lists made me realize how much we have to do this year, and there was no way we could come up with a list of everything. Breaking it down month by month just makes more sense for all we have to accomplish this year.


  3. Hi Laura, just wanted to comment on the hearing aids. I have had my Costco hearing aids for at least 3 years and love them. They came with a remote, so I can turn them up or down easily. I am glad I got them when I did, as my Mother didn’t get them until she was way past the time that she really needed them. Then she hated them. They take a little getting used to but best to get them before you need them badly. I will say they are not perfect, but life is so much better with them. AND Costco? The people are so nice there, very helpful! Happy New Year to you all!


    1. Hi Sandi – Happy New Year to all the Farestrands!

      I’m happy to hear such a good review from you. I was afraid Brett was waiting to long, so I am glad he is getting this taken care of now. I’m supposed to go with him when they’re fitted but I’m not sure why – maybe they’re adjusted to where he can hear me easily (good thing, haha!).

      True story about his hearing: When he retired from the navy and we settled in Portland in 1992, we both had complete physicals which included hearing tests. I had had mine done first and passed with flying colors, but Brett came home from his and said, “there’s no problem with my hearing – I heard all three tones!” I had to break it to him that there were five tones. I still have ears like a bat – I hear everything (sometimes unfortunately).


  4. I second the statement about getting hearing aids early. My father refused to get them and although I finally convinced my mother to get them last year, she doesn’t wear them. I am constantly yelling loud enough so they can hear me and still having to repeat myself over and over again. Very frustrating.
    I am still working on my parents house, I plan to get more aggressive this year about cleaning out my mother’s stuff. Her sister, my Aunt (also a hoarder) downsized last month. She had a closet 12′ by 12′ full of clothes, many with the tags still attached and they got rid of almost everything. I figure if my Aunt can survive the process, so can my mother.
    I’m also working on my own house. Like you say, set small goals and it will all get done.
    Thank you. You are definitely an inspiration


    1. I was finding myself yelling at Brett more than I liked, or having to repeat what was said on TV, because he just wasn’t hearing things. It was annoying. YaYu speaks VERY softly, and it’s often hard to understand her and it makes me feel like I’m hard of hearing at times, but it’s just her voice – I have no problem hearing the other two girls, the TV, etc. I am always turning down the TV because it’s too loud for me.

      I am really in a mood to get started on getting rid of things here. I’ve already got two bags ready to go the thrift store and it’s only January 2!

      Small goals is the way to go if you want to downsize IMO. The task can get overwhelming (and then unfinished) if you tell yourself you’re going to do it all in a day or week or month. That’s been my experience anyway. I’m so glad right now that we brought so little with us when we moved, but we still have a lot to do.


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