Sunday Afternoon 4/8/2018

The beautiful (and tiny) YaYu went to her prom last night. She was our “late baby” – Brett and I were both over 50 when she joined our family) – but what a wonder and joy she has been (and is)!

We learned this week that YaYu was awarded two more scholarships: $500 from the Rotary Club, and $1500 from Kiwanis, bringing her scholarship total to $3000! We’re so proud of this girl, and it’s so, so gratifying to see all her efforts rewarded.

Our landlord has apparently already found a renter for after we move out at the end of July. Landlord has been in the rental game for a long time and has learned to advertise early, and I guess someone moving here for work saw the ad and latched onto it because of the garage. I’m also guessing Mr. Potential Renter had been looking at Craigslist and caught on quickly to what a house with a garage usually rents for and decided this place would be a bargain (it is). One interesting twist though is that the Mr. PR insists he can’t live without central air-conditioning, and is willing to pay to have it installed! So, this past week a representative from an A/C company came out to look things over and give the landlord an estimate: $7900. Landlord is willing to kick in $1800, but that’s still a LOT of money Mr. PR will have to come up with. So we will see. My money is on the guy deciding this place isn’t as affordable as he thought (or he wises up and decides to go with A/C window units versus central air).

A few of the books we’re looking at these days

This past week we finally started checking out some of our guidebooks. It’s fun and exciting, but also still a bit overwhelming at this point, with almost too much information to take in. Some of these books are also heavy which makes me wonder if we’ll take them along with us, or as someone suggested, just rip out the pages we’ll need/use.

Finally, we have a lot going on this week so I’m going to take a few days off from writing. I’ll be back next Sunday though.

This afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I’m more than halfway through Eat Up! and the further I go, the more I’m enjoying it. Ruby (after GBBO I have to use her first name) again and again covers aspects of food and eating that I hadn’t even considered. It’s all very interesting and enlightening.
  • Listening to: The sound of yet more rain is our background music this morning. No birds, no roosters, not a single other sound is out there. It’s quiet inside too: YaYu is still out with her friends, and Brett is reading. We’re not planning on starting the laundry until later this afternoon, so I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet as long as possible (wish the rain would stop though).
  • Watching: We finished up Last Tango in Halifax (and hope there will be another season), and were going to watch new episodes of Death in Paradise but discovered Better Call Saul also had new episodes so we watched all of those. All the actors in the series are superb, but Michael McKean has really stood out. The ending to Season 3 was jaw-dropping.

    The matcha cake with a dark chocolate glaze is very tasty!
  • Cooking/baking: We’re having breakfast for dinner again this evening: scrambled eggs, sausages, fruit and toast for Brett and YaYu. I baked a matcha cake with chocolate glaze a couple of days ago, so no baking today. I’m now trying to figure out how many other things I can glaze. Also appearing on the menu this week, in between YaYu’s track practices and meets will be lumpia and potstickers; Thai red curry chicken; mabo dofu; and pork & pepper stir fry. There’ll be rice with everything, but we need to use it up.

    Around 100 feet from where Brett and I start our walk is a sacred ancient Hawaiian burial site, the Kapa’a Ahupua’a, Puna Moku. I’d never noticed it before this week because I’d always been looking ahead or to the left at the ocean.
  • Happy I accomplished this past week: I got four packages of bakeware/kitchenware boxed up and ready to be mailed to Meiling next week. She was never interested in cooking and baking when she was young, but she’s developed into a pretty good cook and baker lately, and I’m happy she can use this stuff. Not a big deal, but I spent all last week organizing and cleaning up my Pinterest boards. I hadn’t looked at Pinterest for nearly a year but had fun playing with it again. It is still addicting. We made good progress on cleaning out the garage freezer this past week. There are still a few more things to use in there, but we should be able to reach our goal of having it emptied out by the end of the month. I drank lots of water, studied French almost every day, and Brett and I got in three walks. It was not a great week for walking thanks to both the weather and our schedules. Yesterday the rain started two minutes before we reached the car and we got soaked!
  • Looking forward to next week: Good friend Denise is arriving on the island today, and on Tuesday morning she, Brett and I are doing the ATV tour out at the Kipu Kai ranch! Fingers and toes are crossed that the rain holds off, although it’s probably going to be muddy one way or the other. Brett and I plan to head back to Hanapepe one day this week to use our store credit and get a couple more guide books (for Australia and New Zealand). We also want to stop by the bakery when we’re in town. I’m going to start putting together our travel itinerary notebook this week, and I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it (a feeling somewhere between excitement and what in the heck are we doing?).
  • Thinking of good things that happened: Besides YaYu’s scholarship announcements, she went to her prom last night. Prom is so different these days from when Brett and I were in high school. Back then you had to have a date, but these days it’s more about friends getting together, dressing up and having a good time. Of course plenty of people have dates, but YaYu and five of her friends went together, and from the messages and photos YaYu sent they had a wonderful time. One of her friend’s parents both work at the Marriott (where the prom was held) and got the six girls a room there, so after prom they had a slumber party at the hotel, and had brunch there this morning – fun!
  • Thinking of frugal things we did: I earned a big enough bonus from doing Swagbucks last month that I was able to get another $25 Amazon gift card for 2200 points, but I am now officially done with Swagbucks. YaYu found her prom dress at Ross for less than $20, borrowed some sparkly shoes from a friend, and her friends did each others’ hair and makeup – the big expense was the $50 prom ticket. We put $10.07 in the change/$1 bill jar: $2.07 from recycling, $4.00 back from purchasing YaYu’s graduation tassle and stole (she is reusing WenYu’s cap and gown), and $4.00 back from last week’s valet parking at Duke’s. We went to the farmers’ market but spent all our money!
  • Grateful for: Both Brett and I, and our daughters, are blessed that our son is able and willing to pay for their books while they attend college. It’s a big expense, but he has stepped up every year for Meiling and WenYu, and will be covering three of them next year. When Meiling joined our family 20 years ago, M was not happy – he did not want a sister. But, he’s become all three girls’ biggest fan and is a terrific big brother to each of them.

    This is me when I think about commenting on others’ blogs.
  • Bonus question: What’s one thing you know you could be better at doing? I am terrible – I mean the worst – at commenting on others’ blogs. Every year I resolve to do better, but I am not one who can casually dash off a comment – writing anything is always an effort, even a quick comment, because I’m never satisfied with anything I write. Introversion also plays a strong role; that is, it’s one thing to write on my own blog but quite something else to inject myself into someone else’s work even when invited. It’s like going to a party where I don’t know anyone else: sort of scary. I also often find that by the time I get ready to comment someone else has usually said what I want to say, and has said it better than I ever could. All of these are of course excuses and rationalizations – I just need to make more of an effort at commenting (although just thinking about it already has my heart pounding).

That’s a wrap for this week! How did your week go? What good things happened for you? What are you cooking?

See you in a week!



13 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 4/8/2018

  1. Sounds like a wonderful prom for YaYu. I wondered why you never commented on my blog. But I’m an introvert too so I understand completely.


    1. YaYu really had a wonderful time. We’ve been enjoying pictures from the event all day long.

      I am going to challenge myself to comment at least once a week on someone’s blog. I really need to get better at this. I am heading over to your blog now!


  2. YaYu looks gorgeous. And, what a steal for a $20 dress! Congrats to her on yet another scholarship.

    For me, happy I got my Sunday chores done. I’m still trying to kick a cold, so feeling happy that I managed to be productive. And, sit out at the pool with a book for a few minutes in the sun.


    1. Your list today was impressive! But, I’m happiest reading you got to spend some time relaxing in the sun by the pool – from the past couple of weeks you’ve had you needed and deserved it!

      YaYu always finds amazing bargains. She’s maybe the most frugal shopper in the family, and has already asked if when we do her college shopping in Portland we can hit up all the thrift stores – she likes making her money go further.

      We’re thrilled with the amount of scholarships she has earned – they will be needed this year. There’s still one more scholarship to be awarded, but she’s not holding her breath.


  3. You do GREAT at replying to comments on your blog and I have the opposite problem. I’m afraid to do blog posts but seem to be able to comment on other people’s blogs!


    1. Oh I get that! I never had any problem stepping in front of a classroom to teach, even as a substitute, but ask me to give a presentation in front of my colleagues or at a professional event? I was a wreck, a blob of quivering jello and I have no idea why. It may be something about being an introvert and creating safe spaces – I feel safe on the blog, and felt safe in front of my students, but on others’ blogs, or in front of my professional peers, no. That didn’t/doesn’t feel safe. It’s been that way my whole life!


      1. I’m terrible at giving presentations at work. I have no idea why either. I used to perform in front of audiences when I played sports and music and I also was a radio DJ for a couple of years and none of those ever bothered me, but standing in front of a room and speaking is terrifying. I would like to start a blog, but I do a lot of social media at work (including a WordPress blog) and by the time I get home, I want no part of it! Maybe some day.


  4. That picture of YaYu is just darling. And the cake makes my mouth water. 🙂

    I spent the weekend at a 4-day silent retreat at a women’s center. It was my first experience with that many days of silence and I LOVED it. The conversations at the end were wonderful and I came home very relaxed and refreshed. So many insights. And the place has a gourmet cook, so we ate like little piggies.

    You are a good writer and I love that your respond to your comments. Many bloggers don’t. Your description of criticizing your own writing is one reason (among many) that I’ve never taken on the stress of my own blog. I think I would drive myself over the bend with anxiety about “doing it right”. You do it well!


    1. I’m my own worst critic when it comes to writing. I think many would be surprised by how many times I go over a post, changing things, making corrections (and I still make typos!). A writing instructor told me once that I had to learn to tell myself “enough” and step away at some point. You can imagine what grad school was like – all those papers! – and writing my thesis. My advisor took me aside at one point and said, “Laura, done is better than perfect.” Lesson learned, although I still struggle with everything (I’ve already corrected this comment five times – seriously!).

      The retreat sounds divine – I think I could do four days of silence, but maybe not. Good food would definitely help. Brett did a three-day silent retreat once and found the experience very satisfying and inspirational.

      YaYu is almost done now. She has only three more track meets, one AP exam, and she’s passed on her leadership batons to others. The finish line is in sight. She is an amazing girl.


  5. Congrats again to YaYu! She looks very nice in her prom dress. Bravos to you for challenging yourself to comment on others’ blogs. It will get easier over time, especially when you write so well.


    1. The prom dress was definitely a “find” – good price and looks great on her. She is such a tiny little thing that it’s sometimes hard to find clothes for her, but even the length on this was right.

      Yup – I’m going to push myself to do at least one comment a week and maybe work up from there. I owe it to all the people who so nicely comment on this blog (seriously – I’ve only had one nasty commenter in all the years I’ve been blogging).


  6. YaYu looks very cute in that dress. Love the fact that she is so frugal at such a young age. That is awesome. I think you have made a terrific job raising all your kids. All of you are very blessed for having each other.

    That cake looks very very good. Even looking at that makes me gain weight. Lol!

    As for me, I am not cooking anything these days. Mom is here with me and she is doing all the cooking and watching our diet. Tonight, I stepped up and grilled steaks, Made stir fry peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms along with a very simple green salad.


  7. YaYu has always been our resident tightwad. She always looks for a bargain, or refrains from buying just to save. She’s been able to buy her the phones, computers, etc. she wants from her savings. Right now though she is saving every dime to cover her college expenses.

    I wish someone was here to cook for me! Your steak and stir-fry makes my mouth water! The cake was very good, and that chocolate glaze was amazing. I am probably going to make the cake again as I have match powder to use up – it was expensive and I don’t want any of it to go to waste. Same for the cocoa powder I used in the glaze.


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