Goodbye April, Hello May

Here’s hoping we will be able to go to the beach in May!

Here’s how we did with last month’s goals:

  1. Put at least $900 into our travel savings account. We saved $1005 last month; it all went toward the balance on our credit card.
  2. Continue to look for and possibly book air travel down to Buenos Aires. I found a great non-stop fare from Miami, so these tickets are booked.
  3. Clean out and shut down the garage freezer. Done!
  4. Use up as many condiments as possible in the refrigerator. We made good progress with this; there are just a few more things to use up.
  5. Move my IRA from the local bank to our primary bank; help YaYu open an account at our primary bank. We decided to leave my IRA in the local bank for now to maintain Hawai’i as our state of domicile, but got YaYu’s new account opened.
  6. Order lei and a haku for YaYu’s graduation. We still have to do this, but my daughter-in-law wants to go with me to the flower shop. YaYu will be getting five different lei: one from her brother and each of her sisters, one from Brett’s sister and brother-in-law, and one in memory of her grandparents. Brett and I will give her a floral haku (head wreath).
  7. Take at least one bag of stuff to the thrift store. We could not find enough stuff to fill a bag this past month! We did take some other stuff though.

Here are our goals for May:

  1. Pay at least $900 on our credit card balance.
  2. Clean out paper files.
  3. Strip, sand and oil table top.
  4. Reserve window cleaners and house cleaners for move out in July (we’ll need help with the windows and floors).
  5. Clean out bookshelves in YaYu’s room and help YaYu fill at least one bag of stuff for the thrift store.

Once again, we’ll see how we do!




6 thoughts on “Goodbye April, Hello May

  1. Exciting times! Having your son and his family over, preparing for Ya-Yu’s Graduation and her move, getting ready for the Big Adventure… Even my heart races when I think about all these. I cannot imagine how you guys are feeling.


    1. We are busy, busy, busy these days – I didn’t even have a chance to write anything for today! I’ve been babysitting the grandkids all day today, and did get some more bookings made for the Big Adventure, but not much else is getting done. Yesterday we had two graduation events for YaYu – things are moving along quickly. Yes, it’s all very exciting!


  2. You are really moving along with the tasks toward graduation and the Big Adventure! I have a few things on my “spring” list and they’ve all taken a back seat to weeding and mulching since we finally got warm weather. It’s hard work, but I must admit I love how the yard is shaping up when I drive home. Luckily, we’re almost done. We’re beginning to discuss how long we can keep up this huge yard and garden, but I’m not ready to move yet. 🙂


    1. We get stuff done every month but it still seems like there is So. Much. To. Do. We’re just trying to get as much done ahead of time as we can. I did finally get to the flower shop this week and get YaYu’s leis and her haku ordered, so am glad that’s done. Boy, have the prices gone up for those too.

      It’s still very, very wet here but everything is so green and lush. I think we’re going to get up one day and the skies will be blue, the sun blazing, and the humidity unbearable – there’s not going to be any spring segue this year.

      I am guessing your yard and garden are gorgeous!


  3. I cannot find when you were heading to Kilauea Camp–but it just closed :(. Big Island activity seems pretty encompassing this time. Darn!


    1. Thanks for the information – we hadn’t checked yet today. Our reservation is at the end of June. If it’s still closed then we plan to drive around the top of the island and over to Kona and then back to Hilo the next day.


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